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‘Duck Dynasty’ Patriarch Getting Heat Again — This Time It Was an Atheist Rape Story

Mar 25, 2015  •  Post A Comment

“Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson is back in the spotlight, and once again it may not be showing his best side.

The Washington Post reports that comments Robertson made Friday during a speech at the Vero Beach Prayer Breakfast have sparked an angry backlash. Robertson spun a tale about morality, talking about an atheist family being victimized by rape and murder.

The point of the story appeared to be that atheists don’t know the difference between right and wrong.

The report quotes a response from the Friendly Atheist blog that says: “I don’t know a single atheist or agnostic who thinks that terrorizing, raping, torturing, mutilating, and killing people is remotely OK, and I frankly think that Robertson doesn’t either.”

The Post notes: “At the same prayer rally, Robertson also said that American liberals follow Satan and are worse than Stalin and the Nazis.”

Robertson is no stranger to controversy. His A&E reality show took a ratings nosedive in the midst of a public outcry over comments he made back in 2013 that offended gay people and African-Americans.

Please click on the link near the top of this story to read the transcription of Robertson’s comments.

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  1. Insert banjo theme from Deliverance here…

  2. Scott,
    You should have simply stopped at Insert banjo. Enough said.

  3. I believe it was comedian Bill Bauer who said, “What did you expect?”

  4. It’s not Phil Robertson the world needs to fear — it’s the folks who invite him to their prayer breakfasts or retreats or meetings and nod their heads in quiet agreement, or the people who make excuses for his vile bigotry because they think his television show is cute. Festering somewhere within that mass of bigots is someone who’ll pick up a gun to stop the “Kenyan Muslim Socialist Worshipping Atheist Nazis” because Phil told him that’s how to defend America.

  5. As a proud agnostic, I certainly know right from wrong. And this guy’s comments are absolutely dead wrong. Every time I see his picture I feel like shouting, “Hey hippie, get a damn haircut!” but I’m sure he wouldn’t get the irony.

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