Fox and AT&T in a Beef Over Sports Programming

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Customers of AT&T’s U-Verse service stand to lose out on certain sports programs as AT&T and Fox wage a dispute over carriage, B&C reports.

Certain auto racing, college basketball and golf events are at stake in the corporate feud.

“According to Fox, U-Verse customers already missed last Saturday’s NASCAR XFinity Series race from Atlanta, and will miss this weekend’s NASCAR XFinity Series race in Las Vegas if a deal isn’t reached,” B&C reports. “If the dispute drags on, U-Verse customers could miss Big East Conference college basketball games, the first two rounds of the USGA U.S. Open and U.S. Men’s and Women’s soccer matches.”

Fox Sports 1 is reportedly seeking an additional fee to carry the disputed programming.

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  1. Ok AT&T U-Verse and Fox Sports!! Get it together and resolve your differences. Has Infinity/Comcast got you by your private parts. Is this why we U-Verse customers can’t see the NASCAR Infinity Races now. AT&T and Fox Sports don’t be so greedy and let your customers see our races. AT&T get rid of all the junk programs and stations which only sell crap off the airways. Quit acting like bratty kids and resolve this before you lose customer left and right!!!!!

  2. Okay AT&T, you waste millions of dollars on advertisement, on celebrities that are already millionairs. So a few bucks are keeping me from watching nascar Infinity series and have to watch a dart match, I left direct and I can leave you too.

  3. Yes, it is true of the corporations only looking for profit. I do blame Fox Sports and AT&T. It is total Control and manipulation using customers as Pawns. I also put most of the blame on Nascar. After-all, they are the ones who decided to go with Fox Sports. I have been a fan since the first live broadcast. The coverage now is all about commercialization and bottom line is Profit for all the above. Time to pull the plug on all of them including Nascar. Coverage has gone downhill anyways

  4. I switched from cox to u verse igave up the hallmark channel but my favorite is nascar and I record them I have to go to neighbors house to watch on cox. I signed a contract with verse I will try to get out of contract and go back to cox if I miss any more nascar

  5. I’ve had it with AT&T . I’m shopping around to find out who wants me for a customer that can give me what I want. I’m tired of paying for Chanels
    I don’t watch in languages I don’t speak.

    Long time Uverse customer

  6. Another pissing contest between major money makers! Why do we the lil people have to miss weekend nascar for this pissing contest,especially for a friggin dart match! More boring than bowling! Uverse get it togather!

  7. Can’t believe u chose a dart game over the NASCAR Xfinity series – seriously!!!! I chose ATT because of availability of my favorite sports programs – NASCAR and college basketball. As bad as I hate going through the process of changing carriers again, I do not intent to pay for programming (DARTS!) that I have no interest in, come on AT&T – do what u said u would do,

  8. If you are an AT&T customer and pay $150.00 a month for Uverse, you can call and tell them you want to cancel their service. AT&T will work with you and lower your payment. I know people who have done this and they have their bill lowered 30-50%. If AT&T can do this, why can’t they absorb the fees Fox is asking for. Makes you wonder what it really costs for At&T services.

  9. Get with it U-verse! Let me have the broadcasts I signed on for!!!

  10. I am tired of paying AT&T U verse or channels that I don’t want and can’t understand and now you won’t show my favorite programs NASCAR what a bunch of jerks. It’s all about money. So I guess now it’s time to start shopping around for another carrier.Just like AT&T cell service its all a BIG RIP OFF

  11. I have paid U enough money over the last 10 years to finance the Xfinity “special programing” charge by myself. Shame on your two companies for screwing loyal customers out of a few hours of enjoyment. You should both be ashamed of yourselves.


    (Let’s see, where is that FIOS offer, hmmm or, as much as I hate them, maybe even Time Warner)

  12. It’s time to get the races back on or switch to another cable company

  13. Just got off the phone with att. Was told they have a customer escalation department and then was told no they do not! So they want the bill paid but WON’T take complaints. I asked what happened to the part of their budget they paid espn last season for nascar and why that was not being paid to fox. No answer. Also looks like the cup race will be blacked out on 3-8-15! Maybe it’s time to boycott Fox and nascar.

  14. ATT has a Facebook account and it was hit hard today. ATT answered We are fighting for you to every question.

    Fox1 has a Facebook account. Someone is telling us a story I am tired of missing races.

  15. It is a shame and disgrace what you have done. Many of us can’t get out; I’ve always been a NASCAR fan. Have watched NASCAR since my younger days. For those who have art u verse or xfinity, it shouldn’t matter. We are the ones getting penalized, let us be able to enjoy the sport we like.

  16. I am furious that the race was not shown yesterday. I just switched from DirecTV to Uverse and now this. It doesn’t do any good to complain to Fox Sports 1 or AT&T Uverse. I REALLY blame Nascar for allowing this to happen. When they sign contracts with these carriers, there should be a clause if their event is left out of programming, then they lose the event. Complain to NASCAR and to its advertisers. I’ll bet you’ll see action then. Call me crazy but has anyone thought about the fact that Uverse competitors Comcast Xfinity and Sprint sponsor the Nascar races? Hmmmmmmm! Could that also have something to do with the blackouts?

  17. While Fox Sports was broadcasting a re-run of a DART CONTEST instead of the Xfinity race last Saturday, there was a crawl suggesting unhappy viewers call AT&T. Funny, funny. You can call multiple “customer service” numbers at AT&T or go to their website at ATT.com/myATT and you will discover that there are absolutely no opportunities to comment on the quality of ATTUverse. You can, of course, order new services. All AT&T phone banks and web services are geared almost solely to selling new services. The company has no interest whatsoever in providing customers a change to comment on their products. Now, if you do call one of the customer service numbers and don’t hit the button for new services, you will be on hold for 30 or more minutes, while periodically being assured that your call is important. Then, once you do talk with someone somewhere in the world, he or she will apologize for whatever your concern might be and then offer you a chance to evaluate this poor phone-angering schmuck. Only Comcast can challenge ATT for total lack of concern for customers.

  18. get it together.. Stop the greed, and your narrow decision making on what customers can and cannot watch, when we are the ones that keep you in business by paying for you service as our provider. Our house hold has had you as our carrier for just under 1 year, gotta say not impressed.. Slower internet service, crappy channels with just junk.. And constant rebooting because of lost signal all the time! Never had that problem with previous carrier.. Oh yeah, and bring back the hallmark channel already.. That’s quality family channel.. Keep fox sports and drop aljeezera already ..

    Enough already with your corporate greed.

  19. I think everyone who has ATT uverse should get together and file a breach of contract suit against FoxSports 1, and ATT.

  20. I knew this crap was going to happen when infinity took over the nation wide series. They only want that series on their network no cable company should be the major sponsor in a series of this doesn’t change nascar you are going to lose a lifetime fan here get it together soon I wants racing back!!!!!

  21. I’ll be going to some one other than att when my contract is up this it really bad service

  22. I am tired of seeing fill-in programming over Fox extortion of Att U verse. Fox NASCAR programming sucks most of the time anyway but Fox has cornered the market.

  23. I am switching services if they don’t figure out what they are doing! I look forward to watching the races and am irritated that the argument between Fox and At&t shows nothing but total lack of concern for your viewers and paying customers!!

  24. Did fox sports1 charge Comcast and time-warner the same fee ? If so, u-verse pay up ( with in reason); If not air the damn races !

  25. DO NOT DO BUSINESS W/ NASCAR INFINITY SERIES RACE DAY SPONSORS. Let them know the burden of this rests on their companies shoulders.

  26. AT&T this SUCKS!!!!!!!

  27. The fact that FOX is using FOX Sports 1 to broadcast NASCAR is shameful. Requiring people to have cable to watch one of the nation’s most popular sporting events is ridiculous. Unfortunately, the manipulation of NASCAR broadcasting reinforces my commitment to boycotting cable television and will now develop into a boycott of NASCAR. I will not be manipulated…

  28. I will be leaving Att as soon as possible. I was not told I would not be able to watch Nascar, my mother is 84 and very upset because of it.

  29. Thanks att..I don’t get to watch xfinity race anymore…well I signed 2yr Sirius which has Nascar channel…with our busy schedule we don’t seem to need TV much more already dropped movie channles..house phone if I can talk the family into it we might not need your services..I’m checking Internet providers next week..you guys don’t need me ..I’m may soon not need you. Get it together drop darts.
    Mike Logsdon

  30. No US Open. I got rid of TW and you’ll be gone too!! What a bunch of greedy corporations!!!!!!

  31. It’s time for at&t and dish to fire the people that are trying to deal with fox and nbc sports. When I have people working for me and they can not do their job I fire them. Come on at&t get someone to do the job. This should been taken care of over a year ago. You think you can wait until the last minute and expect everyone to give into you because you are one of largest carriers. Hurry up and get this done or you will be one of the smallest carriers.

  32. xfinity had all kinds of major and minor college football games this weekend. Why no broadcast of Number 1 Ohio State?

  33. Foxx and AT&T are charging its users an arm and a leg. They are using our monies/payments to get richer and we still don’t get the service they promised. We are paying extra for stations we don’t need to see the promised Hallmark channels or don’t understand because we have to pay for channels of a different language-put them on their own plan. To much of the same repeated advertisement all day on several stations at the same time is a waste. Settle this or you both could lose out. Settle this and bring back service. Stop being so greedy!!

  34. I THINK IT’a disgrace cant watch football playoffs or nascar on fox I will go with some ome else when my contract is up

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