How Long Do Viewers Stick With Over-the-Top Video? The Answer Will Surprise You

Mar 31, 2015  •  Post A Comment

A new survey of over-the-top video watching came up with a statistic that is likely to surprise many readers. Writing on MediaPost’s MediaDailyNews, Wayne Friedman reports: “Around 75% of OTT users quit a video experience after more than four minutes, according to new study by video optimization company Conviva.”

In other words, only one viewer in four makes it past the 4-minute mark, Friedman reports, citing poor video streaming quality and signal interruptions among the reasons.

“The research says after having a poor video experience, 49% close the video and try again; 29% close the video and try a different Web site/media platform; 11% stop watching video altogether; and 10% look for new content on the same app/site,” Friedman notes.

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  1. Keep in mind that this is determined relative to the number of total OTT video starts, the vast majority of which take place on mobile devices. This should not be construed as characterizing OTT TV viewing.

  2. The Conviva report does not say “Around 75% of OTT users quit a video experience after more than four minutes,” it says “Only 25 percent of respondents would engage with video content for more than four minutes of an inferior viewing experience.” The quote pertains to how long consumers will continue to watch a video of poor quality, not the value of the OTT service itself, and the data should not be applied to all video content. Viewers do, however, “assign blame for poor experiences almost equally to the OTT service they are using, their ISP, and CDNs delivering the content.”

    If the “75% of OTT users quit a video experience after more than four minutes” quote was true, then that would mean that 3 in 4 people watched past the 4 minute mark, not 1 in 4. But…it isn’t a fact found by Conviva at all.

    This article is poorly written and improperly sourced.


  3. A large amount of OTT use is also sampling. 4 minutes is a decent sample period before deciding this program or episode is not for you. You may not like it or you may have already seen it. With the amount of content being sampled 25% is not significant..

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