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The Best Reaction to the News That ‘The Daily Show’ Has a New Host

Mar 30, 2015  •  Post A Comment

Since news broke today that Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” has settled on its replacement for Jon Stewart, the media has offered a wide range of reactions, many of them along the lines of “who the heck is Trevor Noah.”

But what may be the best reaction so far — and it’s an angle we admit we didn’t think of — comes from Jenna Mullins, writing on E! News.

Mullins writes:

“Monday morning went like this for most people:

“Sees Trevor Noah is announced as replacement for Jon Stewart on ‘The Daily Show’

“Asks self: ‘Who?!’

“Googles ‘Trevor Noah’

“Sees photo of Trevor Noah

“Licks lips and says ‘I could spread him on a cracker.'”

Mullins goes on to say: “Yes, Trevor is hilarious, smart and will do a wonderful job manning the ‘Daily Show’ desk, but there are a lot of people on Twitter who are excited about this announcement simply because he is delicious and they want to gobble him up. (We’re one of those people).”

We recommend clicking on the link to E! News near the top of this story to read the rest of Mullins’ reaction to Trevor Noah, which includes an extensive sampling of tweets from people — mostly women — who appear to be thinking along the same lines as Mullins.

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