Conservative Groups Want ABC Show to Go Away

Apr 10, 2015  •  Post A Comment

Conservative groups have reportedly set their sights on trying to kill a show that is in the works at ABC. In an AP story, veteran TV writer David Bauder reports that the comedy about a family with a teenage son who comes out as gay is being targeted “because sex columnist and gay rights activist Dan Savage is involved in the production.”

“The Media Research Center and Family Research Council said their members have sent more than 21,000 postcards and made more than 4,000 telephone calls asking ABC to abandon the series, tentatively titled ‘The Real O’Neals,'” Bauder writes. “ABC is not commenting on the effort, while Savage said it is misdirected.”

The project, which stars Martha Plimpton, could get lost in the shuffle even without the pressure, being one of 12 comedy pilots ABC has under consideration, the report notes.

The show is in part inspired by Savage’s experiences growing up in Chicago. Savage, an executive producer on the project, is quoted in Bauder’s piece saying that the show “has evolved throughout the development process and it wouldn’t be accurate to describe it as autobiographical.”

But Bauder notes that Savage’s involvement appears to have rallied conservative groups.

Bauder reports: “In a letter sent to Ben Sherwood, president of the Disney/ABC Television Group, MRC president L. Brent Bozell and Family Research Council President Tony Perkins cited Savage’s ‘radical hate speech’ and ‘venomous anti-Christian bigotry.'”


  1. What a wonderful campaign to make sure that ABC picks up the show!

    If I remember right the first show that Brent tried to get pulled from the air was Designing Women and that worked so well – it was on the air for another sic years!

    Just keep those cards and letter coming! Tony and Brent, we love you buddies.


  2. There’s a knob or a button on every TV that allows you to switch the channel or turn it off. Why do some people want to override that selection device in order to promote their viewpoint either for or against something.

    Please, all you doo gooders. just leave the rest of us alone.

  3. I agree with Rand Means: I want to see this show just because someone else has decided I SHOULDN’T see this show! Let’s hope ABC stands up to America’s professional scolds and puts this one on the air!

  4. If we’re going to censor or ban shows based on those shows allegedly promoting a values agenda, then we should also ban all shows that feature any mention of Christianity, or any shows with romantic heterosexuality scenes.

  5. This is just getting crazy. Liberals get a voice to bash conservatives day in and day out, and we get nothing. I mean the deck is so stacked, it just isn’t even funny. Furthermore, I guess I will work to the bone now to tear down the liberal fanatics, and I guess that includes ABC now…

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