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UPDATE: ESPN Reporter Suspended Over Incident with Towing Lot Attendant. See the Video

Apr 16, 2015  •  Post A Comment

Updated at 5:20 p.m., PT on April 16, 2015:

According to NBC Sports, “ESPN reporter Britt McHenry has been suspended by the network [for one week] for a nasty and bizarre tirade against an attendant for a towing company.

“McHenry, who was at the center of a controversy last season when Washington coach Jay Gruden called her reporting “amateurish,” verbally attacked a woman who works for a company that towed McHenry’s car.”

Here’s our earlier item:

A reporter for ESPN apologized today after a video went viral that showed her giving a hard time to a towing lot attendant. USA Today reports that Britt McHenry took to social media to offer an apology.

McHenry sent out this message today: “In an intense and stressful moment, I allowed my emotions to get the best of me and said some insulting and regrettable things. As frustrated as I was, I should always choose to be respectful and take the high road. I am so sorry for my actions and will learn from this mistake.”

The video, which you can see below, shows McHenry insulting the lot attendant, including accusing the woman of having “no education, no skill set,” and adding, “I have a brain and you don’t.”

McHenry, who’s based in Washington, D.C., is quoted by USA Today saying on the video: “I’m in television and you’re in a f—ing trailer, honey.”

An ESPN spokesman said the network was reviewing the matter with McHenry.

Here’s the clip, which carries a warning for harsh language:


  1. Buh bye

  2. Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

  3. Yes, you do have a brain my dear but you didn’t use it. Broadcast 101, “Always assume the camera is rolling and the microphone is on.” In these times even more so!
    As Bhammer said, Buh bye now.

  4. I’m just surprised she didn’t work for FOX news.

  5. The Mouse won’t tolerate berating
    anyone. She is out of work by tomorrow.

    Another Jeremy Clarkson Top Gear idiot. Clarkson got fired after clocking & berating a producer because there was no post production meal with steak after a show.

  6. Beyond reprehensible–but…she works in “TV” so she has entitlements that we “poor folk” without a degree can’t attain. Gee, I wish I knew a chick like this who touts her accomplishments by berating and denigrating others who haven’t attained her place in life.

    I think she should be banned from any contact with the public through TV or other means. She’s a sleazy bitch, the perfect description for this clown. She can apologize all she wants, and get her handlers and PR people to say it was a “moment of stress” and she isn’t REALLY like this…but she is gone, gone, gone.

  7. One week isn’t enough; she needs to be fired. The price of being “in news”, you need to confirm to a higher standard – not that it required much of her to have not run off at the mouth like simpleminded gutter trash.

  8. Please fire her!!!

  9. The next Disney princess!

  10. Why did her car get towed?

  11. People need to held accountable for there action and what they say. She needs to be fired … but we all know she wont ,ESPN needs to grow some …BALLS
    And fire her . But they wont cause she blowing someone.

  12. She must be the one without a brain, don’t know what NO PARKING means!!!!

  13. “You should be nice to people on the way up, you meet the same people on the way down.”

  14. how is she not Fired!!!!!! by her keeping her job it sends the message that this is somewhat acceptable behavior. She should be honored to have such a wonderful and instead be an example to young women, instead she feels privileged and thinks she has the right to insult salt of the earth people….SHE’S DISGUSTING, im glad she outed herself for who she really is. pretty face, gross woman!

  15. When she said “maybe if I was missing some teeth” should have been the attendant’s cue to help her out with that by feeding her a knuckle sandwich. This spoiled brat will get what she deserves someday.

  16. So, she get suspended yet Skip Bayless manages to keep his ESPN job for being brainless and insulting on a daily basis?

  17. Fire her. Unexcusable!

  18. I don’t know what’s in your head, honey, but it’s not a brain.
    To ESPN: Fire her. Period. Whatever “skill set” she has can easily be replaced.

  19. For her to say a stressful situation is just crazy so your car got towed pay the bill and leave none was taking down to you. She just feels that she is better then others. People have seen you for who you are and that is ugly you have lost so many people’s respect. You could of paid your bill with grace and left you made the choice to park where you shouldn’t have. You were disrespectful because you feel because you are on TV you have the right and not because of stress.

  20. What made her think she was any better than someone doing their job.? she should be fired and that’s that.. she is suppose to be a public figure. and set examples. People face every day stress and yet are not so low to disgrace others. she showed her true colors and i will never again be watching anything she is envolved in

  21. Pretty from the outside,ugly from the inside.

  22. I’m betting that she was exactly this way as far back as junior high school. I can hear her former teachers and classmate now saying something like, “I’m surprised that it took this long for somebody to realize her true personality!”

  23. First off the idiot who came up with the idea of a week suspension should be fired. Second Britt should be fired. Its a black eye for Disney and co. to have such low standards to retain such a person. If she had started in the mail room and worked her up she may have had a chance but starting on top she can only go down. I do understand if it was daddy or other family member put her in that position without her earning it, you deserve what you got. Now we deserve better. You cant unring the bell she is damaged goods. If having your car towed was an intense and stressful moment causing frustration and craziness you have more problems than you know. I willing to bet this is not her first time acting out but it was caught on video. Say good by and move on

  24. You seem to have a history of these “incidents”. I feel that you should be fired for your actions. People make mistakes everyday….. Me, you, Britt McHenry…….and they pay the price for their actions! You are no better than me, my neighbor, my fellow person at the grocery store…….whom, BTW, are educated, moral, decent, non-discriminate people………and them (and I) display that every day. You would be doing good to display it for one day, with nothing to be gained, just because that”s “who you are”. But it’s not gonna happen, is it? Because that is not who you are. As a lifelong farmer, I have found that the pretty flowers look great, but are of the least value to the farm. As are you.

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