Fox News Boss Roger Ailes Reveals What He Would Do With Brian Williams

Apr 20, 2015  •  Post A Comment

Roger Ailes, the head man at Fox News, is letting his opinions be known on a range of topics, including what NBC should do about Brian Williams — and what he would do if it were up to him.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ailes says NBC should reinstate the “Nightly News” anchor in the wake of the embarrassment caused by Williams’ faulty recollection of his Iraq war experiences.

“I think Brian’s a talent who made a dumb-ass error,” Ailes told THR. “When you spend your life around CEOs and generals and presidents, you can start to feel less than, particularly if you don’t have a college education, you never joined the service. And so you get tempted to do something stupid. So I think he can admit that and say, ‘I screwed up.’ And most people are willing to forgive.”

Ailes reportedly told his team to take it easy on Williams when he was suspended by NBC News. Fox News Channel staple Bill O’Reilly is quoted in the piece saying of Ailes, “He said to us, ‘OK, we covered it, I don’t think we need to kill the guy.'”

Commenting on the return of Andy Lack to lead NBC News, Ailes says in the interview: “Andy is a smart guy. He’s going to work on several problems at the same time. That in and of itself will make a difference. He’s got to make the right call on Brian Williams. I’d put Brian back.”

Ailes also offers his opinions on Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz in the wide-ranging interview. Please click on the link near the top of this story to read THR’s full report.

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