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Report: NBC’s Brian Williams Inquiry Expands

Apr 27, 2015  •  Post A Comment

NBC’s investigation of alleged misstatements by suspended “Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams has reportedly widened, with The New York Times, citing sources with inside knowledge, reporting that the probe has looked into “a half-dozen instances in which he is thought to have fabricated, misrepresented or embellished his accounts.”

The Times adds: “The investigation includes at least one episode that was previously unreported, these people said, involving statements by Mr. Williams about events from Tahrir Square in Cairo during the Arab Spring.”

The Times report notes about that incident: “Speaking [on ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’] of clashes between protesters seeking the overthrow of the Egyptian government, and a pro-government group on horses and camels, [Williams] said he had ‘actually made eye contact with the man on the lead horse.’ Later the Times report notes that Williams wasn’t actually in Tahrir Square, but had done his reporting “from a balcony overlooking Tahrir Square.”

The investigation of Williams was launched in response to a high-profile embellishment by Williams of an attack on a helicopter while Williams was covering the Iraq war in 2003. Williams is currently serving out a six-month suspension from his anchor chair in the wake of his Iraq account, and has been the subject of increasing speculation over whether he will return to his job.

NBC’s internal investigation is reportedly being led by Richard Esposito, the news division’s senior executive producer for investigations.

The Times report adds about the investigation, “When completed, it is expected to form the basis for a decision on whether to bring him back. It is not clear when that decision will be made.”

To read more about the Times report, please click here, which will take you to the original Times article.

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  1. My God…let’s keep digging, perhaps we can find where he pulled a girl’s pigtails while he was in grade school. This world is turning to crap, and everyone in it keeps trying to dig up dirt on everyone else. If you Freeking want to destroy civilization, this is the right way to do it. Just keep it up.

  2. Death by a thousand cuts. These leaks are obviously a ploy to force him out.

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