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ABC Cancels Four Shows

May 7, 2015  •  Post A Comment

ABC has canceled four series, Variety reports.

One of the series has run three seasons, one two seasons, and two are freshmen.

Says the story, “ABC has canceled freshman series ‘Forever’ and ‘Cristela,’ plus sophomore drama ‘Resurrection’ and [three-year-old] reality competition ‘The Taste,’ Variety has learned.”

“Forever” opened “to almost 12 million total viewers in Sept. 2014, and dipped to just under 7 million for its most recent episode this spring,” Variety says.

Of ‘Cristela” the article wrote, “Averaging just over 5 million total viewers for its first season, the premiere launched to a total audience of about 6.5 million and wrapped up with roughly 4.7 million.”

This is what The Hollywood Reporter said about “Resurrection”: It “had a flashy first season — averaging 4.0 in the demo with DVR — [though] season two did not fare nearly as well as the show finished its expanded 13-episode run in January with 3.7 million total viewers. That was less than half of where it ended its freshman season.”



  1. WHY are you canceling Forever?? You have been running it sporadically so there is no consistency. Its like you wanted it to fail by being so inconsistently on. Its a teriffic show and yes another reason why people are so fed up with broadcast and their lack of faith in their own programming. dont do this. you’ll regret it. Stand behind it and run it regularly and people will become loyal. Or hopefully some smarter network will take it on. shame on you guys. you ruined my morning.

  2. ABC! Don’t cancel Forever! It’s a good show with a good cast and good writing! I make a point of watching it whenever you guys run it.

  3. Come out of your ivory towers and pay attention to your audience! It is interesting how the networks are so numbers driven and quick to yank a show instead of staying behind it. They thought it was a great property when they bought it, now not so much? Sometimes it takes more than two or three years to develop the numbers you want. Besides those numbers don’t always tell the whole story. We didn’t discover “Dexter” until the 3rd season, we caught up on video and became loyal viewers. Another more current example is “Resurrection.” My wife and I recently discovered the first season of “Resurrection” on Hulu and love it; we’re on episode 6 of the first season. Knowing now that it will be cancelled we won’t waste our time watching the remaining episodes! Studio exec’s don’t seem to know how to build an audience but they sure as he.. know how to kill a show. They need to grow a pair, remain loyal, and stop jumping from one year to the next with new programming. It’s another reason we, and many others, cut the cord in the first place.

  4. With the warp speed networks cancel shows now, viewers are hesitant to commit to a series anymore. Many times, just in my personal experience, I’ll try a new show and start to watch regularly and then ZAP the show gets cancelled.

  5. It seems they go by what the ratings and reviewers say rather by the audience. They need to commit at least a year to a show and if after six months tell them then that they’re being canceled so they can have a decient ending. Hour long dramas these days are only about 41 minutes without commercials.

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