Disney in Battle With Theater Operators

May 5, 2015  •  Post A Comment

A blockbuster movie is at the center of a dispute between the Walt Disney Co. and movie theater operators. The Wall Street Journal reports that a battle is going on behind the scenes of “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

“The head of the trade group representing the theaters told Walt Disney Studios he had received ‘an avalanche of complaints, concerns and fears’ from members after the movie studio imposed new conditions on theaters that wanted to show the ‘Avengers’ sequel, according to a copy of the letter reviewed by The Wall Street Journal,” the publication reports.

The new conditions reportedly include stipulations about “when cinemas can offer matinee discounts or alternate showings of ‘Avengers’ with other movies on the same screen; and new payment rules that the National Association of Theatre Owners said could over the long term raise prices for everyone,” WSJ reports.

The article adds: “Following the outcry from theaters, the studio is altering its approach on some issues, including the matinee cutoff and suggested payment limitations. The studio had outlined the requirements in its standard licensing agreement, which says how exhibitors can show a film but can be modified on a theater-by-theater basis.”

The new movie reportedly opened to $191.3 million in ticket sales over the weekend in the United States and Canada, second only to the original “Avengers” movie.

With the success of films including “Frozen” and “Cinderella,” and with new “Star Wars” movies on the horizon, Disney wields considerable power in the marketplace, the report notes.

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  1. Man… this is just icing on the cake. Over the past few years this long, long time Disney fan (I’m 63) has been becoming more and more dis-“enchanted” with the behavior of the House of Mouse. My DVD/Blu-ray collection of classic live-action and animation Disney features is pretty thorough. Minus some classic films and minor titles not yet released, my collection is only missing certain recent 3D titles. 3D titles that have been released in other countries, but… for some inexplicable reason… not in the U.S. I doubt it’s their intention, but it shows utter contempt for Disney fans in the United States… the people and country that made Disney.

    I doubt Walt would be at all pleased.

  2. If you’re a lifelong Disney fa and you’re just now noticing that they’re the Evil Empire, you have NOT been paying attention. Why do you think Muppet fans, STAR WARS fans and MARVEL Comics fans ALL screamed bloody murder as each of them were co-opted and eventually purchased by the masters of Mouschwitz. An offensive nickname, to be certain, COIMED BY THEIR OWN EMPLOYEES & ARTISTS, many of them Jewish. If they’re bad enough for descendants of the worst victims of the Holocaust to play the Nazi card, I’m inclined to believe them.

    • Who said anything about “just now noticing”? My complaints were about Disney’s activities that impact their customers.

      There are many legitimate issues with Disney’s business practices (and some consumer ones), but the fact they’ve bought other successful entertainment companies is not inherently one of them. Disney didn’t “co-opt” anything… they simply bought things. If anyone has issues with that, their problem is with the sellers, not the buyers.

      This nonsensical hysteria reminds me of those who complain about evil corporations buying political influence. As the old saying goes, “There are none so blind as those who will not see.” The inherent problem is not with those who buy… it’s with those who sell. A little integrity can go a long way.

      No amount of money can buy something that isn’t for sale.

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