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‘GMA’: Another Infuriating Interview With Bill Cosby — Here’s the Video

May 15, 2015  •  Post A Comment

It’s being billed as the first time Bill Cosby has responded to questions about the sexual assault allegations that have been plaguing him in recent months. But the takeaway is pretty much the same as it has been all along, with Cosby failing to shed any light on the situation.

In an interview for ABC’s “Good Morning America” that aired today, correspondent Linsey Davis repeatedly tried to get the comedian to talk about the accusations, with Cosby repeatedly deflecting the questions. Here’s the clip:

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  1. Whether you believe him to be innocent or guilty, do you honestly expect him to address a legal situation in a TV interview?

  2. Why does your headline call this “another infuriating” interview”? In the mind of your headline writer, Cosby is guilty and wrote the headline in such a way to give readers of this story his or her feelings without actually saying what they felt. This is slanted journalism at it’s finest. You label opinion pieces with a byline. The author of an opinion piece is free to express his or her feelings about whatever they wish, knowing that the readers will understand it is their opinion. On the other hand, this uncredited piece is supposed to be a news story. It should not be slanted with inflammatory adjectives in the headlines and slanted opinions expressed in the first paragraph. Cosby is probably guilty of many of the charges leveled against him but he doesn’t need to be excoriated by an un-credited article in what is supposed to be a news article. You should be ashamed of yourselves for presenting this story in this manner. You are more professional than this.

  3. The headline is right; he gave a nonsensical answer and completely dodged the question, which in turn makes me question the integrity of ABC news. I don’t remember a single word or comment spoken by any of the hosts pointing out how ridiculous Cosby’s answer was and why they would even present this as an exclusive interview except to hoodwink viewers to stay tuned.

  4. It wasn’t infuriating, it was GIBBERISH! And someone at ABC should have pointed that out instead of touting it as his answer to the allegations against him. I don’t know what ABC thinks it was accomplishing by airing it. They now look as foolish as Cosby does.

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