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Mark Cuban Predicts $1 Million ‘Deflategate’ Fine for Patriots

May 7, 2015  •  Post A Comment

Outspoken Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has added his voice to the chorus of critics of the New England Patriots after a report came out indicating that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady knew footballs were deflated during the AFC Championship Game.

The Patriots defeated the Indianapolis Colts in the game and went on to win the Super Bowl over the Seattle Seahawks.

Cuban told the Dallas Morning News: “The next curiosity is what is the NFL going to do? They talk a lot and now we’ll see where their bark is, and if their bark’s as loud as their bite. So, it’s going to be interesting.”

Cuban said the decision isn’t going to be made by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, but rather by the team owners — Goodell’s bosses.

Said Cuban: “He’s the mouthpiece. He’s the guy who stands up in the courtroom and announces what’s already been decided. He works at the discretion and pleasure of the owners.”

Cuban added: “If there’s enough owners who think the Patriots are like the golden child and aren’t being treated the same way as other teams, they’re going to speak up, and they’re going to be loud to the commissioner about it. If not, if the Patriots have been good citizens since the videotape incident way back when, then they won’t hear a lot of gripes. Then, they’ll get a $50,000, $100,000, or maybe a $1 million fine — and that would probably be my guess. They get a $1 million fine because that’s a big number, it sounds really punitive, it’ll make everybody pay attention, and it probably sets a record in a fine for a team. And then, if they don’t do it again for a couple years they probably won’t even have to pay it.”



  1. If softer balls were easier to catch, and illegally helped the Patriots win the Super Bowl, does anyone think a fine of any amount will keep the Patriots from cheating in the future? They have shown in the past they are willing to break rules to win. The only way to keep the Patriots from doing illegal things in the future is to take the Super Bowl victory away from them. Make them forfeit the victory to Seattle. Otherwise, why not cheat? Two, three or even five million is chump change compared to getting a Super Bowl victory. However, I’m afraid that Roger Goodell does not have the guts to make such a strong call. So, in a couple of years we’ll hear about another illegal thing that the Patriots did and Roger will slap them on the wrist.

  2. The fact that the fans & the general public have to be exposed to this blatant abuse of power fueled by “professional sports” immunity is insulting and unacceptable. If anyone of us did something of this nature, we would be declared guilty & punished without question.
    Sports figures should not be held to different standards when they break the rules. This incident has further tarnished the integrity of the NFL

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