Decades, a New Digital Sub-Channel Network From CBS and Weigel Broadcasting, Launches Today, Memorial Day

May 25, 2015  •  Post A Comment

Decades, a new multicast TV network from CBS Television Stations and Weigel Broadcasting Co., officially launches today, Memorial Day, Monday, May 25, 2015, according to a press release from Weigel.

The announcement says “The Decades multicast network broadcasts on the digital sub-channels of the CBS Television Stations and other broadcast groups.

“The network is currently available on 35 television stations representing more than 45% of the country, with additional affiliation announcements pending.

“Decades will feature a unique ‘daily time capsule’ lineup exploring different years, trends or events. Programming will include a one-hour original series as well as popular TV shows and films chosen to immerse viewers in that day’s Decades context. Programmed as a six-hour block, the schedule will be repeated four times each weekday, giving viewers in all time zones multiple opportunities to tune in.”

Today, the announcement notes, Decades will “feature the theatrical anti-war movie ‘Hair’ alongside the comedic TV series ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ and the dramatic war series ‘The Rat Patrol,’ letting viewers experience contrasting depictions of combat and patriotism in entertainment. Presenting the Holiday weekend blockbuster phenomena, we feature a profile of director George Lucas, who premiered ‘Star Wars on Memorial Day 1977.

To see if Decades is available in your market, please go to the tune-in section of the Decades website,  which you find if you click here. To see a schedule of what’s on Decades through Sunday, May 31, 2015, please click here.

The announcement also notes that Decades will also feature “the original one-hour weekday program ‘Through the Decades,’ presenting historical CBS News and ‘Entertainment Tonight’ footage, along with other archival elements. Emmy and Peabody Award-winning journalist Bill Kurtis [who is also the announcer on NPR’s popular ‘Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me’] hosts ‘Through the Decades,’ which unlocks our shared history. Viewers will explore the decades of the 1950s through the 1990s, where they can relive, remember and relate each day.”





  1. Tragically, I decided to downgrade our cable service to ‘broadcast basic’ to save on our monthly bills while this sidechannel was still in its ‘beta’ (marathons of its planned series) stage. It’s annoying that people with antennas who can get the applicable station can watch this, while I can’t, thanks to ambiguous Federal and cabler policy which frowns on digital sidechannels unless they serve real, indisputable needs, such as the one in nearby Allentown, PA that has 24-hour weather updates.

  2. Your not mini sing anything terrible shows.

  3. I were wondering will your network ever broadcast funny classic shows like the Munsters or Mr Ed, Laurel and Hardy, Three Stooges, Gomer Pyle?? I betcha I can get over 5,000 or more YES’S from Americans who’ll agree with me on this note.
    Can you at least think about it.

  4. Through The Decades ttiming of the story about the Monika Lewinski sex scandal (during the potential presidential candidate season) is pretty obviously trying to discredit Hillary by association. It COMPLETELY IGNORES the violation of PRIVACY in Tripp’s SECRET tape recording of private phone conversations between Tripp and Lewinski. Tripp had to TRICK Lewinski into specifically detailing her encounters with Pres. Clinton and Tripp’s only real motivation was promised CA$H from the anti-Clinton wing nuts. I expect this kind of CRAP from FoxFakeNews… not CBS!

  5. Decades sounds like a wonderful station but Here in buffalo western ny area are local cbs wivb won’t bring decades and when you ask about it they never return phone calls or emails that’s why wivb channel 4 in western ny is cbs affiliate not interested in its tv watchers and it’s a shame there are lots of folks on fixed incomes who would enjoy decades who can’t aford cable because only good package from local cable company time Warner runs about 90 $ a month which a lot of fixed income folks like retired people can’t aford and folks in western ny would truly love decades and it’s fine wonderful programs thanks wivb channel four for thinking of your selfs and not your over the air tv watchers

  6. not avail on TWC NYC!! ;(

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