Reality TV Personality, Under Fire for Alleged Child Molestation, Caught on Tape Joking About the Subject

May 26, 2015  •  Post A Comment

With a child molestation scandal swirling around a TLC reality show, a tape has surfaced that shows “19 Kids and Counting’s” Josh Duggar — the figure at the center of the scandal — joking about dating his underage siblings.

TMZ.com posted the clip, which is from 2008 — when the show was known as “17 Kids and Counting.”

Allegations surfaced last week that indicate Duggar confessed to molesting a number of female minors, including his sisters. Authorities reportedly opened a felony investigation into the allegations back in 2006.

Duggar, now 27, would have been about 14 or 15 at the time of the alleged abuse incidents, which reportedly began in 2002, according to TMZ.

In the clip from 2008, “Josh describes a double date scenario with his then-fiancee Anna … he ended up going with 2 of his siblings,” TMZ reports. “Josh explains, ‘We chose Jana and John David. We thought why not, have a double date … We are from Arkansas!'”

Duggar laughs after making the remark. You can find the brief clip on the TMZ website by clicking on the link near the top of this story.

TLC has pulled the show off the air amid the scandal, as we reported last week. The channel released a statement in which it said: “Effective immediately, TLC has pulled all episodes of ’19 Kids and Counting’ currently from the air. We are deeply saddened and troubled by this heartbreaking situation, and our thoughts and prayers are with the family and victims at this difficult time.”

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  1. So where do you think he got these urges?? Which parent gene gave them to him? Oh boy and we only have 18 more Duggars to go through the same thing, Why is he not in jail he has daughters of his own and his darling wife is standing by his side so he can molest them too? This is just sick and laughing about it sick sick sick!

  2. To paraphrase Jello Biafra:

  3. I like the show. Any time you get that many people, one of them is bound to make a big mistake. Of course, nobody making comments here ever did anything sketchy or real stupid when they were 14.

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