Brian Williams Gives Confessional Interview to ‘Today,’ Blames His Ego for ‘Things That Weren’t True’ — But Did He Go Far Enough? Here’s the Video …

Jun 19, 2015  •  Post A Comment

In a confessional interview with Matt Lauer that aired this morning on NBC’s “Today” show, Brian Williams apologized for a series of untrue statements that got him suspended and, as NBC made official Thursday, ultimately cost him his job as anchor of NBC’s “Nightly News.”

In the interview, taped over the past two days, Williams blames his ego and says the misstatements “came from a bad place,” but stops short of admitting that he lied.

Here’s the video:


  1. The Brian Williams interview was a disaster. His apology was so weak and he did not take accountability. He told “stories that were untrue” and he already “fixed” himself.

    NBC should have never published such a disingenuous apology. I now have zero respect for Brian Williams and NBC. The public deserved more.

  2. He shouldn’t bothered. He damaged him so even more with his refusal to admit he has told lies.

    Lucky they have Lester to help repair the damage Williams has done to the news division.

  3. Basically, a “tortured” re-run of is non-apology last February. I think he blew his chance at true contrition.
    I guess the “devil (his ego) made him do it”. Just say you “lied”, dammit, that’s all you have to do.

  4. Brian going to hang with the rest of the NBC trash like Matthews and Sharpton

  5. Wow, amazing. And if Bri Wi admitted the “L Word” then people would say, “I told you so.” He can and will never win with such a fickle and judgemental public.

    Time will only tell what Brian Williams character is made of. He apologized, under the direction of NBC’S public Relations apparatus…

  6. It is truly hard to believe that NBC has given Brian Williams the title of the ” new face of MSNBC”. In addition to believe that despite being dishonest, arrogant, and uniformly disliked by the majority of those who have worked with him, ,he will now represent the ailing MSNBC cable news network.
    What could NBC possibly be thinking?
    In addition his non apolgy to Matt Lauer only reinforced the deeply flawed character of this man.
    I dont know anyone who will have an interest in watching and listening to his ‘breaking news.”
    Its time to finally to tune Brian Williams out, and let lester Holt continue to shine.

  7. I worked for NBC as well as NBC News for almost 15 years. I have watched the integrity of NBC News go down the toilet.. I thought Brian Williams was the last straw, but I see that NBC’s management is the last straw. How dare they even keep him on the air. anywhere.. NBC News has become a joke. I was always proud to be associated with Nightly News as well as the rest of the news division. I was a page with Huntley-Brinkley, I worked on Nighty with John Chancellor and Tom Brokaw, true top-flight news men.l That is when NBC News had credibility.
    And while I’m at it..the TODAY show. Poor Pat Weaver must be spinning in his grave. Once again, I watched it since its inception. I worked on it in the late 70’s and continued to watch it until I couldn’t take it any more. It became sophomoric. Minimal new Maximum stupid chatter> Now I am a CBS This Morning fan.
    Lester Holt, do your magic. I hope you can start NBC News’ return to greatness

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