CBS Pulls Plug on Pioneering Program After More Than 30 Years

Jun 29, 2015  •  Post A Comment

A show that began more than 30 years ago has quietly been canceled by CBS News. The show is the overnight news program “Up to the Minute,” which began as “CBS News Nightwatch.”

“The program will end mid-September, but CBS News is expected to supply some other form of programming in the overnight hours,” Newsday reports. A spokesperson for the network declined to comment.

“A hard news program with its own staff and editorial content, ‘Up to the Minute’s’ end signals the end of an era — back to a time when networks saw the overnight hours as a growth opportunity, or at least an opportunity to build audiences where none had been before,” Newsday reports.

The program is anchored by Anne-Marie Green, who also anchors “CBS Early Morning News.”

While the show began using the name “Up to the Minute” in 1992, it debuted as “CBS News Nightwatch” back in 1982. Newsday notes that the original program was important in helping to launch the career of Charlie Rose.

“It’s unclear what will air in its place, although CBS News has been producing streaming news content for CBSN, the live-streaming website that launched in November,” the report notes.

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  1. As someone who has kept this show on the air for years in Upstate NY I was very sad to hear this news last week. This is a newscast that is produced very well. It had solid stories, good interviews, and great features. Operation wise they always followed format and never missed a break, or cue.

    The anchors over the years have become our family & friends, and it was nice to see some of them move on to bigger and better things. The behind the scenes people were always good about returning e-mail if you had a question.

    For those of us trapped in a control room overnite with nobody to talk to this show kept us company. Also people I know who also work this shift in different professions (Nurses, Security, Cleaning People, etc, etc, etc) watched on their breaks. Up to the Minute may not have had a large audience, but it had a loyal viewers. It is a shame that it will be replaced with most likely replays of earlier newscast.

    To everyone who worked on this show, in front of the camera and behind, THANK YOU!!!

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  3. I turned on the TV one early morning and saw a rerun of Scott Pelley’s newscast instead of “Up to the Minute.” I thought it was a mistake. THen, I found out that CBS had made the bone-headed decision to pull the plug on this iconic program.

    I don’t understand executive decisions because UTTM was so comprehensive because it covered so many topics in a refreshing and newsworthy style. Anne Marie Green perfectly helmed the program. It was great seeing so many CBS correspondents report on these unique stories.

    I do hope that CBS will bring it back. I’ve been forced to watch ABC in the wee hours and it isn’t the same. Come back, Up To The Minute. Bring it Back!

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