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Duggar Family Finds a High-Profile Defender — And She’s Calling Lena Dunham a Pedophile

Jun 5, 2015  •  Post A Comment

With the reality TV family the Duggars mired in a child molestation controversy, one prominent national figure has come out in defense of the family. USA Today reports that Sarah Palin appears to be firmly on the Duggars’ side, although she took the opportunity to bash “Girls” creator and star Lena Dunham.

“Palin posted a rant on her Facebook page Thursday strongly defending the besieged conservative-Christian Duggar family by attacking her usual targets — liberals, the media, the left — and calling out a new one, ‘Girls’ star Dunham,” the story reports. The report quotes the headline on Palin’s post: “Hey Lena, why not laugh off everyone’s sexual ‘experiments’ as you haughtily enjoy rewards for your own perversion? You pedophile, you.”

Dunham became involved in a controversy last year over part of her memoir “Not That Kind of Girl” in which she wrote about experiences when she was 7 and was curious about her little sister.

Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin’s daughter, got in on the latest Dunham bashing, writing that Dunham “makes me want to puke.”

The Palins’ comments followed a high-profile interview with the Duggars by Megyn Kelly on Fox News. As we reported previously, the interview drew big ratings numbers. The response to the interview on social media was largely critical of the Duggars.

During the interview, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar “for the first time detailed that their eldest of 19 kids, Josh, repeatedly molested little girls when he was a teenager in Arkansas 12 years ago and the victims included their daughters, his own little sisters,” USA Today notes.

The report adds: “The Duggars, both active in Republican conservative politics, kept his secret under wraps for years until the statute of limitations expired, (Josh was never charged with a crime), because, they told Kelly, they wanted to protect their son and their daughters.”

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  1. It figures that the lunatic fringe would pick up this cause, of pardoning a “youthful indiscretion” and calling someone who did the same thing at 7 years old (who is a liberal) a pedophile.

  2. How anyone can support the behavior of this young man is simply ridiculous and a sad commentary on so called “conservative Republican politics.” His actions were simply wrong and there is no excuse for what took place.

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