NBC Says It Will ‘Re-evaluate’ Donald Trump’s Role on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Jun 17, 2015  •  Post A Comment

NBC responded to Donald Trump’s announcement that he is mounting a bid for the presidency with a statement indicating that the network intends to “re-evaluate” Trump’s position as host of “Celebrity Apprentice,” The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed reports.

In the statement, the network said: “We will re-evaluate Trump’s role as host of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ should it become necessary, as we are committed to this franchise.”

THR notes: “Because the network is required to give equal screen time to all presidential candidates, there are currently no plans for Trump to appear on camera on the new season, which has yet to start production. Plans for a start date rely on Trump’s status as a presidential candidate. The reality competition was picked up for an eighth season in February.”

Trump made the formal announcement of his bid for president Tuesday morning.

“In addition to his role on ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ Trump’s weekly segment on ‘Fox & Friends’ is now over effective immediately,” THR adds. “However, his relationship with Fox News continues. Trump gave his first interview following his announcement to Bill O’Reilly.”

The report notes that Trump contemplated a bid for the White House in 2011, but ultimately decided against it. Trump has hosted all seven seasons of “Celebrity Apprentice” along with seven seasons of “The Apprentice.”

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  1. Why is this show still on anyway? More mindless programming.

  2. NBC is waiting to see if Donald (I haven’t a chance in hell) Trump drops out of the race. Unfortunately, his ego, like Christie’s is too big and he won’t do that, thinking he is an interrrupter rather then the joke he is. I haven’t heard one person provide any inkling of support for this idiot.

  3. FreeRights – You need to go on his Facebook page. Can’t tell if half the comments are spoofs or not, but there are LOT of people who seem VERY excited to see the Donald run.

  4. FIRE HIM!!!

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