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What Are the Broadcast Nets’ Four ‘Least Promising Shows’ for Fall? Here’s the List

Jun 22, 2015  •  Post A Comment

Four new shows on the fall broadcast schedule have been singled out for their “terrible concepts” and designated as the season’s “four least promising shows.” Writing in Media Life, Toni Fitzgerald targets ABC’s “Dr. Ken,” CBS’s “Limitless” and two NBC shows, “People Are Talking” and “Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris.”

Of the latter program, Fitzgerald admits, “There’s no way to judge the quality of this show yet, as it will air live,” and points out that the show’s host, Harris, is “terrific.” But the report notes that it has been a while since a variety show worked on broadcast, and predicts: “This likely won’t be any different.”

Other shows on the list have been hampered by poor execution, difficult time slots and lack of promotion, Fitzgerald writes.

Please click on the link near the top of this story for the full report, which cites surveys of media buyers and planners along with input from analysts and agencies.

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