Ex-MSNBC Host to Return With a New Show

Jul 23, 2015  •  Post A Comment

A former host on MSNBC who has a high-profile job on NBC is set to return to the cable news channel with a new program. Variety reports that “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd will anchor a one-hour show.

“Todd, who used to host a late-morning program on the network, would continue to anchor the NBC Sunday public-affairs program he took over from David Gregory in the fall of 2014,” Variety notes.

The report cites a source who’s familiar with the situation saying that a formal announcement from MSNBC could come as soon as today.

Some media reports were hinting that the new MSNBC show would air in late afternoon or early evening.

The news comes as MSNBC is scrambling to try to reverse a ratings slide, Variety notes.

“Over several months, shows based on hosts who offer a progressive or liberal view on issues have lost traction,” the story reports. “In daytime, MSNBC has focused more heavily on breaking-news reportage, placing host Thomas Roberts in a two-hour block covering stories of the day. That show replaced two one-hour programs anchored by Joy Reid and Ronan Farrow, respectively, that hinged more on the views of the hosts.”



  1. You saw last night in Times Square, that the silent majority has decided not to be silent. If Obama is looking for his major legacy it may be just that. He has awakened the middle of the electorate that usually doesn’t get heavily involved in politics. Obamacare started the ball rolling, but the new Iraq treaty has really ignited that vast group that usually just ignores politics. This may be the major shift that both parties were looking for, but they may not be happy with the result. Fox and MSNBC had both better pay attention to what is going on in our society. The far right and far left were fun to watch while they were just a sideshow, but now they have gone to far in both directions and the center wants control back and balance in their politics.

  2. Is everyone overlooking the obvious answer to at lease some of MSNBC’s ratings woes? Keith Olbermann delivered a decent cross section of engaged viewers before his departure and for at least the interim period of a re-instatement, would bring eyeballs back to the channel again. Considered a lightening rod, at least there will once again be some power in that lineup instead of relying on Rachel to do the heavy lifting all by herself.

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