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Is NBC Having Second Thoughts About Renewing ‘Aquarius’ for a Second Season? Here’s Why We Ask…

Jul 14, 2015  •  Post A Comment

We wonder if NBC is having second thoughts about having renewed ‘Aquarius’ for a second season.

The reason we ask is because “NBC has run out of patience with its low-rated Thursday drama tandem of ‘Aquarius’ and ‘Hannibal,’ revealing Monday that they will move over to little-watched Saturday nights,” reports Variety.

The story continues, “The network effectively canceled ‘Hannibal’ last month, announcing that ‘Hannibal’ would not return to the network after its current 13-episode season wraps, but renewed ‘Aquarius’ for a second season.”

Variety adds, “Saturday has long been a final resting place for underperforming series.”

“Aquarius” became the first series that NBC also released using the Netflix model, wherein viewers could binge watch all of its episodes when the series first debuted.

Notes The Hollywood Reporter: “’It’s no secret that the way people watch television is evolving, so we took a unique approach to how we delivered ‘Aquarius’ and it’s driven some record numbers for NBC Digital and helped us reach viewers who might have otherwise overlooked a great summer drama,’ NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke said of ‘Aquarius’ at the time of its renewal.

“No streaming stats have been release for ‘Aquarius,’ but it and ‘Hannibal’ have languished in their live-plus-same day showings.”


  1. NBC screwed themselves and Aquarius with what they did. If they wanted to “Netflix” it, they should have waited until AFTER the show completed its run. But no, they saw something “shiny” and had to go for it, and received a self-placed bullet in the foot in the ratings as a result. And what exactly did they think would happen? That people would watch it all online and then come back weekly to watch it on their TVs? Where I come from, that’s called anal-cranial inversion.

  2. Amen, honestly because of the piss poor way this was handled in general an amazing show and story will once again be cut short before we the audience can have a conclusion. I completely using the premiere to boost then releasing all at once on Netflix the next day, what I don’t understand is why NBC would assume that anyone would tune in for 13 straight weeks to watch what they watched 3 months before in its true uninterrupted form. I have seen way way weaker crime dramas or dramas in general on Netflix as originals. So kudos for a cool idea and thanks a bunch for depriving all of us of a unique story that really could of worked in today’s marketplace. However what do you expect NBC’s hay day has been over since “Friends” wrapped. So if your gonna do us like a b**** get us some lipstick next time.

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