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Mom Says McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy Is Using Profanity — Decide for Yourself After Hearing the Video

Jul 10, 2015  •  Post A Comment

“An outraged mother-of-three claims a chattering Happy Meal toy from the popular children’s film ‘Minions’ taught her children to swear after they heard it saying ‘what the f**k?,'” the U.K. publication The Daily Mail reports.

The British mom, Vicky Brennan, 34, “complained to McDonald’s, who, after a full investigation, wrote the furious mum a letter saying the toys speak ‘Minionese’ — a combination of Japanese, French, Indian, English, Spanish and Italian. They claim any similarities to words used in the English language are ‘purely coincidental.'”

Brennan is not satisfied with the response, the report notes, and is pursuing a complaint against the company.

“She hopes that the yellow figurines, which became popular after the release of the film ‘Despicable Me,’ will be recalled from other homes,” the publication reports.

Brennan reportedly believes the toys also say, “I’ll be damned.”

Here’s the video:


  1. Is been reported that McDonald’s has offered the mum a year’s worth of teeth whitening toothpaste.

  2. If you record the toy with your cell phone and then put the phone on a Beetle’s album from the 1960s and play it backwards at the same time the cell phone is playing the Minion’s message it reveals the location of Jimmy Hoffa’s remains!

  3. Very weak argument on her part. I don’t hear it, even after she told me what she thought she heard. And I watched the video three times.

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