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New Cosby Defender Surfaces

Jul 10, 2015  •  Post A Comment

Teresa Taylor, who claims she had a relationship with Bill Cosby for three years, starting in 1979, “is defending the comedian against claims from multiple women that he drugged and sexually assaulted them, despite recent court testimony that reveals Cosby admitted to purchasing drugs to give to women he wanted to sleep with,” reports Fox News.

Taylor told Fox411: “What I’ve seen happening in the press about him is so disheartening. He is a kind man. I have never spoken about my personal life before and I needed to say that. Do I believe half of the women? No.”

Taylor said she was 19 in 1979. Cosby would have been 42, and married. Taylor says Cosby never gave her drugs. “He was so respectful towards me,” she said. “He never drugged me or offered me quaaludes. I was young and he took care of me — sometimes financially….”

Taylor also told Fox411: “I actually believed he would leave his wife for me but they never leave.”

The report adds: “As for whether Cosby’s wife, Camille, knew of his alleged extramarital activities, Taylor claims she did. ‘She knew,’ Taylor told us. ‘She chose not to acknowledge it.’”

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  1. Interesting that she doesn’t believe only half of the women accusing him.

  2. So I guess it’s okay for him to cheat on his wife with a 19 year old and only drug half the women that he is accused of!

  3. Whether or not he drugged and raped women–though I believe it is a fact–why does his wife stay with him? Because she is either stupid or wants to get all the dough when he kicks off. Why else? It’s a sick situation and she should dump the jerk and get a giant settlement from his estate and move on. The guy’s a mess–never shaves, looks dumpy and hasn’t been funny in years. He’s no icon–just another rapist who couldn’t keep his hands off women other than his wife.

  4. He was respectful towards you really?? He was 42 you were 19 and he was married very respectful! I find it weird to that you only believe half of them.

  5. There was nothing remotely “respectful” in his behavior toward you. He was more than twice your age at the time and had been married for about 15 years, so he was disrespectful to her as well. In addition to the stories of his rapes and attempted rapes of 48 women, he carried on consensual relationships outside of his marriage. Just because he didn’t drug and rape you doesn’t mean he didn’t do it to others. Whether you believe all of them, half of them, or none is completely beside the point. You cannot judge others by your own experiences.

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