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Renowned Scientist Stephen Hawking Joins With Russian Billionaire in $100 Million Project to Look for Other Intelligent Life in the Universe

Jul 21, 2015  •  Post A Comment

“A new search for intelligent alien life using two of the world’s most powerful telescopes has been launched by leading scientists including Professor Stephen Hawking,” reports the U.K. newspaper the Daily Mail.

The story continues, “The telescopes will scour one million of the closest stars to Earth for faint signals thrown out into space by intelligent life beyond our own world. Scientists taking part in the $100 million initiative will also scan the very centre of our galaxy along with 100 of the closest galaxies for low power radio transmissions.”

The story adds, “The new search for intelligent life, which promises to cover 10 times more of the sky than previous attempts, is backed by Russian billionaire entrepreneur Yuri Milner, who set up the Breakthrough Prize for scientific endeavours. The attempt to find signs of alien life, which has been named the Breakthrough Listen Initiative.

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  1. This will be interesting to follow… even if they are only looking for an interplanetary bound ET as advanced as we are. If they are looking for a more advanced, star-spanning civilization, then this is probably wasted effort. Such a civilization is not going to be using radio-base technology for interstellar communication. In order to have a functioning civilization, they would have to develop something completely different. Maybe something based on quantum entanglement and it would be undetectable by our technology. Communications-wise, they would probably be using it for everything and wouldn’t be using radio, any more than we use morse code. Obsolete technology.

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