Report: Why TV Ratings Being Down Does Not Necessarily Hurt TV Advertising

Jul 14, 2015  •  Post A Comment

“During first quarter this year, viewership among adults 18-24 fell a stunning 18 percent.

“You’d think this would be causing advertisers to rethink their TV budgets, as they look for those lost viewers through other media.

“You’d be wrong.”

So writes Bill Cromwell at Medialife.com.

The story says, “Senior research analyst Brian Wieser [of the Pivotal Research Group] says the ratings declines do not matter as long as TV works better than any other medium in achieving advertisers’ goals.”

This is what Wieser told Media Life: “If TV audiences fall by 5 percent or even 10 percent but a) 90 percent of a target population still watches TV vs. 80% of that population consuming content over the course of a campaign flight, and b) there is substantially more palatable inventory on TV, and c) all of the TV inventory is sight-sound-and-motion vs. substantially less online, then TV still gets the lions’ share of a budget for a brand focused on awareness.”

In addition, “Wieser notes that among the 100 biggest advertisers, spending on TV has remained at about the same level since 2010. It accounted for 36 percent of all spending five years ago, and 2014’s spending was up slightly from the previous year.”

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  1. The threat of online, has turned out to be more to traditional direct marketing than to TV.

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