Watch It Now: The Interview Variety Calls a ‘Trainwreck’: Cara Delevingne Doing Press for the Movie ‘Paper Towns,’ Talks, via Satellite, to the Team at Sacramento’s CW outlet, KMAX, on its ‘Good Day Sacramento’ Show, and It Doesn’t Go Well

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  1. Let’s hear it for the clueless, self-satisfied jackasses at “Good Day Sacramento.” Your performances were far worse than Cara’s.

  2. I think that Variety really meant to say that the “Good Day Sacramento” jackasses were the train wreck. I fully understand why they aren’t on a national TV network.

  3. What a couple of assholes man!!! Sheesh…

  4. I produced and hosted my first daily entertainment news series for a local independent TV station in 1981. I was barely17 years old. I mention this because my WORST interviews were better than these idiots, all of whom I’m assuming went to college. They almost certainly had some of the formal training that I hadn’t when I took my place in front of a studio camera. When the third person at the station jumped in, presumably because he’d been watching this disaster on the monitors, I really thought he was going steer the interview away from the cliff. Unfortunately, he turned directly into the skid and not only drove it over the cliff, he somehow managed to fly it into a mountain and bury it in quicksand as well. The actress wasn’t exactly charming herself but those three idiots behind the desk were perfect examples of local on-air “talent” displaying anything BUT talent.

  5. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear this is some sort of SNL skit.

  6. Hmm. I don’t agree with most of the comments here. They started off with “Were you able to read the book before you started to film the movie” That’s a pretty common question when it comes to movies made from a book. The follow up questions weren’t horrible either…but I think they were not only caught off guard by the girl’s attitude, but were trying to save the interview to some degree before they just gave up. Nobody wants to put up with a child with that attitude. They are doing her/and the movie a favor by giving it some promotion. If she wasn’t going to play the game…I don’t fault the crew for not wanting to continue the interview and end it with some jokes at her expense. Should they have continued on? I think the crew did fine considering.

  7. I saw totally nothing wrong with Miss Delevingne attitude. Thats just the way the girl is and if you are some kind of news person doing an interview like that, you damn well should have done you’re homework on the person you interview. Idiots !!

  8. This is simply what you get when you let three complete and utter American fucktards ask banal, nonsensical questions of an intelligent, witty English person.

    17th in the world for education, 1st for confidence = confident, stupid people.

  9. What a couple of assholes those anchors are man.

  10. I thought Cara was intriguing and enjoyed her answers. Maybe I just understand her “British sarcasm”. I feel the anchors got their little egos in a bunch early on and because she wasn’t kissing their butts and they had a group tantrum. The weather guy, or whoever that goof was, should have just shut up. And we wonder why movies like Anchorman are made.

  11. Local news is completely over hyped-up. Their embarrassing performance was in insult to that actress.

  12. Well, I’ll give the anchors a tiny pass for not fully understanding British humor. But, yes their questions were colossally stupid. It’s one thing to ask the same unimaginative questions that every other TV interviewer will ask (“did you read the book?” – are they kidding, that’s what got them off to a bad start, but gave her a chance for a witty comeback that went straight over their heads.) But after fifteen years of working on a news show with interviews, I can confirm that if an interview starts to go wrong, it’s the interviewers JOB to bring it back on course. Lob a powder-puff up there; “you seemed to have real nice rapport with your co-star, did you guys hit it off the way you did onscreen?”
    You do not blame the interviewee, repeatedly!

  13. The interviewers are to blame for this ridiculously unprofessional segment. It is their job to get the story out of the subject for their viewer, not for the subject to conform to their inane banter style. Further, it was the morning after the movie’s premiere, and for the anchors not to tone down their happy shtick means they’ll never get much beyond the Sactow local market. Really bad work, no matter how they perceived the subject.; NEVER call out a subject on perceived attitude. Absolutely appallingly immature.

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