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Whoopi Goldberg Angers Viewers With Her Stance on Bill Cosby

Jul 7, 2015  •  Post A Comment

Whoopi Goldberg created a backlash with comments she made on “The View” about Bill Cosby. Goldberg stood by Cosby even after court documents revealed that the comedian admitted giving quaaludes to women to try to have sex with them, as we reported separately.

Fox News reports that Goldberg said Cosby deserves to still be considered innocent until proof of his guilt surfaces.

“As more information comes out, people can make judgments,” Goldberg said. “I don’t like snap judgments.”

She appeared to anticipate a backlash, saying: “Save your texts; save your nasty comments. I don’t care. I say this because this is my opinion, and in America, still, I know it’s a shock, but you are still innocent until proven guilty. He has not been proven a rapist.”

But the Twitterverse did not hold back. Here are a couple of the tweets:

“Whoopi needs to stop. She says you need proof before making a judgement about Cosby. COURT DOCUMENTS JUST CAME OUT SAYING HE DRUGGED GIRLS.”

“Whoopi is why #TheView is failing. The biggest Hot Topics are just swept under the rug. #BillCosby is a rapist! Friend of urs or not!”

Co-host Raven Symone, who was on “The Cosby Show” as a child actress, also exercised restraint on the subject of Cosby. She said: “I don’t really like to discuss [this] because he is the reason I am on this panel in the first place. He gave me my first job. You need proof and then I will be able to give my judgment here or there.”

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  1. For the love of God please cancel this show!

  2. I don’t give a fuck about Raven. Of course the only reason any one of us even knows her is because of her turn on The Cosby Show. Do you think Whoopi would extend herself to defend a white actor facing the same allegations. Hell fucking no! If this were Tim Allen or Jerry Seinfeld, she would’ve buried him herself. She’s a fucking joke.

  3. How much proof do you need Whoopie? Over 22 women and admitted to giving them Quaaludes? The key word there is admitted. I agree with Tim she would not defend Jerry Seinfeld or Ted Danza. Cosby buried himself why go down with him?

  4. I love Whoopi, very disappointed she is in such denial.. As a show host she should know better than to turn a blind eye to the obvious!! He admitted to obtaining drugs to give to woman without there knowledge.. Come on Whoopi.. You look like a fool!

  5. The View has been unwatchable since Whoopi Goldberg took the helm. She is the most inarticulate host on tv, her take on things being a mish-mash of babble. Now that Rosie Perez (the most articulate and on-point panelist) is leaving, there’s no reason to watch the show. I say boycott the show and its advertisers. Rosie O’Donnell, where are you now that we need you?????

  6. Whoopi has lost all sense of logic. She is making a fool of herself and the show.
    Too bad Barbara is gone. She would have given Whoopi a lesson in logic.
    I agree, it is now time to cancel the show!

  7. Done with that show. Whoopi used to be ok. Now it’s clear she is prejudice against whites.She in a way promotes racism. Her stance on Crosby is horrendous! She says she doesn’t care what people say…she is talking about fans of the show that she has destroyed…and fellow women!! Can’t believe they have her on there. Will not watch it until she is gone.

  8. I suppose it is hard for Whoopi to face the facts,about Bill Cosby being an awful human being, but it is past time for her to say aloud to the public, that he is guilty of all of the horrible behavior and crimes he has,been accused of. There comes a time , whether a person is,a,friend or not, that the truth has to be faced. AND this is one of the times! I am praying Whoopi that you will stand with the women , who have had their lives tainted with the awfulness of this man!

  9. I agree with all above noted comments. She seems to have some sick, blind loyalty to this man, that more and more delves into extreme denial and madness. She should be ashamed of herself. For a person that seems to be such a truth seeker, she is truly lost. How many more hurting women need to come forward, who want nothing more than JUSTICE. How many OMISSIONS IN COURT DOCUMENTS (which prove his guilt) , how many more pathetic attempts to disguise his ongoing, power-hungry, perverse behaviour must it take for you to get a clue that, AT BEST, his actions are highly suspect and deserving of thorough investigation. While the rest of the world probably agrees that he is nothing more than a serial rapist – yes they come is all packages. Whoopi you are a disgrace – I think that your anger is misplaced because I think your outrage is for no other reason than to defend YOURSELF. I hope you never find yourself in a similar situation as these DOZENS of poor women that you so callously call “innuendos” – for you would see the true damage that you are doing every time you open your stupid mouth. You should be fired.

  10. Whoopi is not as smart as some of us thought she was even though a good actress. But I have stopped watching “The View”. I now concentrate on “The Talk “hoping that they are fair and balanced. We will see?
    I truly believe she stopped defending cosby because of pressure from a lot of areas not necessarily from her conscience. But I could be wrong?
    SaraH S.

  11. Funny that Whoopi has amnesia whre it comes to her inability to give the same courtesy to anyone labeled conservative. She seems to forget, that all the accusations railed against th president have been found to be untrue. However, she continues with a false narrative. Funny that. How cool it would be if someone would confront her with that. I’d love to hear her answer.

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