Why Did TV Land Pull ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’?

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The cable channel TV Land has pulled the popular series “The Dukes of Hazzard” from its schedule, CNN reports, and while the channel did not provide a reason, speculation has focused on the presence of the Confederate battle flag on the roof of the General Lee.

The General Lee is the 1969 Dodge Charger featured prominently on the show.

“In the wake of the murders at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, the flag has become a major point of contention,” CNN notes. “Since the ‘General Lee’ is one of the most famous cars in TV history the series has been added to that argument.

The move by TV Land comes on the heels of an announcement by Warner Bros. consumer products that it would discontinue licensing of General Lee toys and models.


  1. how dare you take the duke off I watch your show before anybody new about it
    long live live the duke you dont like turn it off ,

    • I finally made an email. So sorry it took 4ever and yaa. I’m like slow You can deetle my recent comments. It’s fine. Have a great weekend and I am SUPER/UBER sorry.NataliaP.S. i’m a songwriter )

  2. This is BS that show has nothing to do with racism nor does the confederate flag. Both whites and blacks lost their lives for that flag when did that become taboo? The KKK made the flag their issue it should never be our issue. That flag is as important as the American Flag. Stop taking my heritage away! I feel discriminated against now your taking off a perfectly good show off the air.

  3. P.C. run amuck… Maybe they pulled the series in order to have some poor editor go through it and blur the top of the car whenever it appears?

  4. This proves the point, that to be politically correct you have to be temporally insane.

    • Actually… you can leave temporary out of the description.

    • Short, sweet, to the point, FRatEexEc-ly as information should be!

  5. Bulls++t!

  6. This politically correct bull—-is getting out of hand.there is nothing wrong with the general Lee or the confederate flag.A lot of people died under that flag.50000 of them this week of the fourth of July

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  7. What now they going to cancel in the heat of the night next. It was filmed in Mississippi. The show has the confederate flag. What I can’t understand why CNN can’t give a reason why they cancelled the dukes of hazard. It’s just total bull

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  8. I grew up watching this show. I know my history and this is crazy. Everything these days is politically incorrect. Seriously to blame a flag or a car or anything else but the person or persons themselves for something is wrong. That is like saying the dog ate my homework when you didn’t do it to start with.
    What happened in South Carolina is a tragedy but the only thing responsible for this is the person or persons who did it. Many people died under this flag. It should be looked at as a reminder of what was lost and what was gained. When you remove everything and hide everything and speak a certain way then you will forget the lesson learned by the blood of others and I for one don’t want to forget what has happened in history of America. So this July 4th I am going to think of all those that are died for me and the ones that are fighting for me and be very thankful they are.

  9. It’s bullshit just leave it on it has nothing to do with racism dam ediots

    • That’s a knowing answer to a difcifult question

  10. I’m so glad I found my soioultn online.

  11. I.miss. The. Dukes. of. Harzad. If. You. had. A. Bad. Day. At. Work that show. Put you in. A. Better. Mood ,Help. You. Forget the. Bad stuff to

  12. I grew up in the early 2000’s and this was still one of my all time favorite shows growing up. Even though the re-runs I was watching were 30 years old I loved the show. And since I didn’t grow up in the time the show aired originally I had no clue how massively popular the show was world wide. I had a friend in high school and both of her parents were from Lebanon. I still remember her mom telling me that her entire family back in Lebanon would gather every week to watch that show. I couldn’t believe that a show about a couple of country boys from Georgia could be so popular around the world. The show wasn’t just popular with southern people but it was a hit show in multiple counrties across multiple ethnic groups. But now CMT won’t run the re-runs, tv land won’t run the re-runs all because a hand full of people have decided the show was racist.. People I guarantee have never seen the show. There was never one single incident I can remember where any of the characters were racist, prejudice, or even rude to another human being. Bo and Luke where your ideal gentlemen in the 70’s standards and even in today’s standards. But now one fraction of a precent of people demanded the show not to be aired anywhere. They even demanded that toy replicas of the general lee stopped being sold. A car that is debately the most iconic and most famous car of all time. A car that certainly had a decade run at most icon car in the world. And the tv networks just gave in, thus ruining this amazing show that millions of people from hundreds of different cultures and backgrounds and ethnicities loved. We ned to be more aware as humans that just because a marginal group of people dislike something that does not mean we need to restrict access to the whole of human kind because a couple people don’t like the flag on the roof. Come’ on people… do the right thing bring it back.

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