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Discovery Reveals Price of Canceling Scandal-Plagued TLC Show

Aug 5, 2015  •  Post A Comment

A tidbit revealed in Discovery Communications’ earnings call this morning is the cost of pulling the plug on TLC’s “19 Kids & Counting.” The successful reality show was yanked in mid-July amid a child molestation scandal involving Josh Duggar, one of the stars of the series.

“Proving that there is symmetry the entertainment business world, it turns out that canceling ’19 Kids & Counting’ has cost TLC , well, $19 million, and likely counting,” CBS News reports. “On Wednesday’s earnings call, TLC’s parent company, Discovery Communications, noted a restructuring loss of $19 million ‘primarily due to content impairment charges from canceling TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting,”‘ said CFO Andy Warren.”

The report notes that the cost of canceling the show doesn’t end there, as any potential earnings from future installments of the reality series are also lost.

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  1. As a DISCA shareholder, I am outraged. These people, the Duggars, not only knew about this, but concealed it for years, and I assume hid it fromTLC. TLC should claw back every dime they paid these slimy folks, not pay for a shakedown with shareholder money. I assume TLC/Discovery has a “morals” clause in its contracts. If not, then let CEO, President David Zaslav pay the Duggars out of his generous compensation package. After all, ensuring such fiduciary responsibility is surely his responsibility.

  2. Crabby Tom, Discovery can try to do a clawback, but if there are little or no assets, it would be an exercise in futility. Additionally, Discovery would like have to retain outside counsel to do so, which would result in further expenses.

  3. CRABBY TOM, TLC was negligent in doing background checks. They could have easily ascertained that Oprah cancelled the interview because of molestation allegations. Its unfortunate that it has come to this. Last year at this time I was fascinated with the family and their values. IT amazes me that it has lead to these scandalous discoveries.

  4. It didn’t surprise me! I have been trying to get people to listen about this family EVERY since the first “14 & Counting ” special! I was raised in this type of household and there were SO many red flags from the beginning it isn’t funny! TLC ignore them because they “Portrayed” a good clean christian family”. Well undernearth it wasn’t so clean now was it?

    I do NOT wish to see ANY more specials or spin offs on the Duggars or the “Next Generation”. The new special is NOTHING more than a re packaged 19 Kids & Counting!
    444 Advertisers have pulled out and more every day! NO MORE DUGGARS!

  5. It is apparent David Zaslav needs to sit his Executive Programing team down, especially at The Learning Channel, and have the conversation with them “WT” heck are you creative people thinking. Your team is not “out of the box” progressive thinkers, they are getting crushed by each and every side of the box in their twisted minds. Do you really want social media branding TLC as the “Touching Little Children” network? The Duggar’s are the worst example of family life and values you could possible allow on your network. If you go back when they started with 14kand c… I would have to imagine JimBob & Michelle may have already known Josh was molesting his sisters and others, BUT, with the big Reality $$$ staring their greedy faces in the mirrors….why say anything until the contract is signed??? He did his molesting (that they know of) in 2002 and 2003, 12/12/2006 was the police report… the first show was aired 9/29/2008.. it probably takes a few years to develop a reality show in between Michelle dropping babies….so, I would hope there was some kind of MORALITY clause in their contract???? I cannot imaging that Discovery can continue to lose $19 mil a quarter and have 500+ of their advertisers confirming they will not advertise on any Duggar, Dillard, or Seewald shows!!!! Personally, this family is a freight train headed straight for a wreck and I hope these stupid show with Jessa and Jill are not some kind of “settlement” with the Duggars and their tribe. I would be very disappointed!

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