‘Food Network Star’ Crowns Champion — Winner Will Get a Show on the Network

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The cooking competition program “Food Network Star” wrapped its season Sunday night and crowned a winner. Food Network announced that Eddie Jackson of Houston was named the winner of the series grand prize at the end of the show’s 11th season.

Jackson will get his own show on Food Network.

“A former NFL player who became a personal trainer, food truck owner and private chef, Eddie proved to be the ultimate culinary champion known for his charismatic personality, charm under pressure and spectacular cooking skills,” the network said in its announcement. “His take on food, which combines his southern background with his passion for rich bold flavors, consistently distinguished him with the judges and audience over the 11-episode season.”

The network noted that the season averaged a 1.0 rating among A25-54, up +15% from last season, going into the finale.

“In the hit series, culinary icons Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay lead the charge to find the next promising face in food television and this year’s finale came down to three finalists: Eddie, Jay Ducote (Baton Rouge, La.) and Dom Tesoriero (Staten Island, NY). The winner’s show will premiere late fall 2015 in primetime,” the announcement notes.

Said Bob Tuschman, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Food Network: “The camera loves Eddie Jackson. He came to this competition with impeccable cooking skills, tremendous on-air charisma and that innate ‘Star’ quality — add in the focus and determination from his days as an athlete, and Eddie was a clear standout among this very talented cast. We are excited to bring his energy, charm and passion for food to the network.”

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  1. Um, I watched the entire season of FNS and this was not the winner in my opinion. Jackson’s food was inconsistent at best, his hosting capabilities were good to average, his food POV was NEVER clear. Jay was consistently creating great dishes, his hosting skills were really amazing and his POV was crystal clear. Dom also created great food time & time again… and out of everyone on the show his hosting skills became better & better each time. In fact, I think Dom’s pilot was the strongest of the 3 with Jay’s being a close second. I truly think that the title of FNS should have gone to Jay… then a side hosting gig on Food Network’s website for Dom (to get him more comfortable hosting) should have been the way FNS ended. Seriously, Jackson was a distant 3rd. Me thinks that Jackson won to fill a hosting position to appeal to a specific demo – which isn’t fair to Jay or Dom.

  2. I liked Eddie but I would like to have seen jay win.

  3. I was rooting for Jay, BUT liked Eddie just as equally. Congrats to you Eddie Jackson…can’t wait to see you on Primetime on Food Network.

  4. I was so hoping Dom wolud win. He has an infectious personality, a strong POV and consistently high quaility cooking skills. If the show Eddie hosts is like his pilot, I won’t be watching. It seemed way to similar to Triple D…I am just not a fan of barbecue in large doses. Jay had a pleasent personality but again, fried foods just are not anything I cook or eat…way too unhealthy. I do hope The Food Network finds a slot at some point for Dom. He is fun to watch and you just can’t miss with delicious Italian food…ever.

  5. I loved all three and think they should all three have their own show…They got along well and I would love to keep watching them together. However, Eddie was really good about being a team player and saving the day although his food was not consistent as Dom. Dom was kinda my fav due to his shyness and humbleness, I think watching him grow would have been awesome. His food looked FABULOUS. I will miss him and Jay of course was sweet but not a lot of wow factor. I like them together. CMON Food Network…give them a team show!!!

  6. Congratulations! Can’t wait to see your show!

  7. My kids and I loved Eddie, he was a clear winner from the start. All the best Eddie from Trinidad and Tobago.

  8. I liked all 3 players, but this one winner had the personality, smile and great food.. I hope he makes it because I have watched food network forever, I.m a home economist, catered at one time.. And entertain a lot..so many past winners were never on TV and some of the winners are still not that good today… Rachel Ray is on tv and has had not training, doesn,t so desserts, just casseroles, and tries to sell her pots and pans, I see on yard sales all the time, like Paula Deen.s items are in close out stores everywhere… She was diabetic, sponsored a pharmaceutical company, then her recipes were loaded with sugar and butter and tried to kill America with her
    Her 2 sons are on tv and have little e per ience…
    I look forward to this winner, love Jeff morrow too. And Guy Fieria is great…

  9. I liked all 3 finalists, but I felt Jay was a naturally comfortable host. Of course those of us commenting missed the “tasting” of the dishes all along the way. Jay convinced me a little more that he was making something I COULD make and it would be worth the effort. Too bad all 3 couldn’t have a show where they all contribute or even rotate hosting.

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