Here’s a Good Reason So Many of Us are Talking About Donald Trump and None of the Other Republican Presidential Candidates

Aug 24, 2015  •  Post A Comment

So here’s the question: Just how much media attention is Donald Trump getting?

“Since the first Republican presidential debate, Donald Trump has received more attention on the nightly news than his 16 rivals — combined,” reports CNN, adding, “In fact, Trump coverage alone almost doubled all the other GOP candidate coverage.”

The story adds, “A separate analysis of GOP candidate coverage on The New York Times web site also showed a dramatic gap between Trump and the rest of the field.”

The article says, “An analysis for CNN’s “Reliable Sources” showed that Trump talk totaled 36 minutes and 30 seconds on nightly newscasts from NBC, ABC and CBS.The next-closest candidate was Jeb Bush, who received 9 minutes and 22 seconds of coverage….The billionaire businessman is a frontrunner in GOP polls, but he’s even further ahead when media coverage is measured.”

Regarding The New York Times coverage of the Republican candidates, the story notes the between August 7 and 22, “Trump led with 318 mentions, followed far behind by Bush with 180, Rubio with 115, Scott Walker with 105, and Christie with 84. (Some of the Christie coverage may reflect local attention from The Times, since he is the governor of New Jersey.)”

To read more details about this story, please click here, which will take you to the original CNN piece.

TrumpRallyDonald Trump at a recent rally in Mobile, Alabama


  1. Absolutely shameful.

  2. Of course CNN itself has contributed greatly to Trump coverage almost to the point of saturation

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