High-Profile MTV Show Under Attack — Even Before It Airs

Aug 25, 2015  •  Post A Comment

A program that is set to be televised by MTV in a few days is already drawing criticism. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the “MTV Video Music Awards,” scheduled for Aug. 30, are under attack from the media watchdog organization Parents Television Council.

“The family-values watchdog group has already taken issue with MTV’s choice of Miley Cyrus as host, recalling her racy 2013 performance with Robin Thicke,” THR notes. Now, the PTC is targeting sponsors who have advertised in the past on the VMAs, urging them not to advertise on this year’s program.

The PTC sent out about 25 to 30 letters on Aug. 12, THR reports, claiming that explicit programming reduces the effectiveness of advertising.

The report quotes the letters saying, in part: “Scientific research — including recent research at the Ohio State University — has demonstrated a significant impairment in viewer recall when advertisements air within sexually and violently graphic programming. And viewers consider a company buying time in graphic programming as a tacit endorsement of the content.”

The PTC indicates that it will encourage its members to contact sponsors of the VMAs if the program includes adult content while being rated appropriate for 14-year-olds.

After Cyrus was named as this year’s host, the group urged MTV to rate the show TV-MA, the report notes.

MTV reportedly declined to comment for the story.

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  1. If the PTC is against it, it will probably be worth watching.

  2. Donald Trump is correct when he says political correctness has gone too far. It is no longer political correctness, but forcing your views on others and harassing them if they don’t adopt your views. No one is forcing you to watch. Turn on CBN and let me watch what I want to watch without interference.

  3. This was actually discussed a while ago and I was for it initially. Over time though it became apparent that the total community was getting involved with this project. Archiving this would be best for everyone.


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