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How to Build Social Media Buzz for a TV Show: New Nielsen Study Breaks It Down

Aug 24, 2015  •  Post A Comment

A new study from Nielsen examines the particulars of social media buzz associated with TV programs. The study was released today by Nielsen Social.

Among the highlights in the announcement from Nielsen:

  • Big program moments inspire more fans to jump into the conversation. Along with revealing the value in programs’ loyal authors, the study also found that there are big moments within a season when larger groups of authors jump into the conversation. For instance, on average, 25% of all program authors Tweet about premieres and 16% Tweet about finales. Between these two groups combined, networks can expect to hear from an average of 38% of program authors during those two moments.
  • Loyal authors are valuable for more than just their social allegiance. The study also revealed which programs had the most socially loyal fans during the past TV season. Social loyalty was defined as the share of authors who Tweet about three or more episodes during a season. For the top loyal programs up to 24% of authors posted with such a frequency over the course of the season.
  • Fans love a “scandal.” During the 2014-15 TV season, ABC’s Scandal had the top program loyalty on Twitter. In fact, 24% of Scandal Twitter authors sent Tweets about 3 or more episodes.

Please click on the link near the top of this story to go to the Nielsen site and learn more about the study results.


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  1. Biggest surprise in this article:

    People who send tweets are authors?!

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