Is It Still Possible to Push the Envelope With a Relationship Show? WE tv Thinks So

Aug 20, 2015  •  Post A Comment

WE tv announced that it has greenlighted a new reality show that the network calls “a groundbreaking new concept in the dating and relationship space that helps former couples finally break free from one another in order to move on and form new, healthy relationships.”

The show is “Ex Isle,” which takes place on a secluded tropical island. With host Carmen Electra and psychiatrist Dr. Ish Major on board, couples have an opportunity to focus on their problems without the usual distractions.

Marc Juris, WE tv president, commented: “‘Ex Isle’ is a concept that’s completely untapped in the world of dating and relationship shows, but one that’s familiar to so many of us. The couples featured will be given the tools and guidance to let go of the past and finally move towards building emotionally healthy and productive relationships. Viewers will witness a transformational journey that’s captivating, entertaining and relevant.”

Please click here to read details in the WE tv announcement.

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  1. Sounds like a snoozer to me.

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