Popular Actress Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

Aug 19, 2015  •  Post A Comment

An actress who became a big star on television revealed she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Shannen Doherty, known for her roles as Brenda Walsh on “Beverly Hills, 90210” and Prue Halliwell on “Charmed,” made the revelation in documents filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Doherty says in the documents that she found out in March she had invasive breast cancer, which she said had spread during a period of time when she was uninsured.

“She’s suing the business management firm of Tanner Mainstain, saying it was their job to ensure timely payment of the medical insurance premiums she had through the Screen Actors Guild,” THR reports.

Her complaint is quoted in the story saying: “In November 2013, SAG sent the premium invoice to Tanner Mainstain for Plaintiff’s medical insurance coverage for the year 2014. However, Defendants ignored it, failed to pay it (without informing Plaintiff) and then promptly terminated their relationship with [Doherty] effective February 7, 2014.”

The complaint also reportedly states: “Plaintiff was also informed that, had she been insured and able to visit her doctor, the cancer could potentially have been stopped, thus obviating the need for the future treatment (including mastectomy and chemotherapy) that Plaintiff will likely have to suffer through now.”


  1. I think it’s deplorable that you tease someone having cancer in a headline as a way to get a click to an article. Shame on you, TV Week.

  2. gimme\ a fucking break!!! bullshit lawsuit man@!!

  3. Matt – You think a click-bait headline is deplorable? You know what’s deplorable? That a lapse in insurance coverage could force someone to delay treatment for breast cancer (where early treatment is often the difference between life and death).

    This country needs single-payer healthcare, so accountant’s screw-ups can’t risk the lives of their clients.

    And Seriously?, not only is the lawsuit NOT bullshit, but if the facts are true as given, she’ll win, as her business managers were (apparently) negligent, and the damages are very real.

  4. WriterGuy is right on the money. If this is true, it’s a disgrace. It sounds like she’s fallen on some hard times, given she could not pay for the medical care without insurance. I hope everything works out for her.

  5. Everyone needs health insurance, including celebrities. I’m a widow, but several years ago, my wife spent several months in the local hospital at a cost that was just shy of $1 million. We had insurance thank goodness, but there are few people in the world who could pay for medical care for significant issues (like cancer) without risking financial ruin.

    Well said WriterGuy.

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