Report: New Apple TV Will Come With a Remote Control That, Like the Wii Remote, Will Be Motion Sensitive

Aug 31, 2015  •  Post A Comment

“One thing [about the forthcoming new Apple TV] that hasn’t been talked about yet is the fact that the new remote will be motion sensitive, likely including several axis’ worth of sensors that put its control on par with a Nintendo Wii remote,” writes TechCrunch.

The story continues, “The possibilities, of course, are immediately evident. A game controller with a microphone, physical buttons, a touchpad and motion sensitive controls would be extremely capable. While Apple is likely going to target the broad casual gaming market, I would not be shocked to see innovative gameplay blossom from that type of input possibility. Think, for instance, of multi-player gaming with several people using voice input, or many popular genres of party games that would do far better on the TV than on an iPad or iPhone.”

The story also notes, “We’ve confirmed many details of the new device with multiple sources. First, that the new Apple TV, as has been reported previously by Buzzfeed, will feature an updated design and Apple’s A8 chip in a dual-core configuration. The more powerful chip will support an updated interface with much better effects and navigational improvements that make browsing through big content libraries…much easier.

To read a lot more about the new Apple TV, please click here, which will take you to the TechCrunch story.

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  1. Anyone who has owned an LG TV made since 2011(?) has been using a motion-enabled remote for years. I’m sure Apple will make a more robust remote – as they usually finesse every aspect of their hardware – but I can’t say they’ll be putting the platforms out of business anytime soon. Many titles are specific to the platforms either by development or contract, and I can’t see Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo being eager to share their titles on Apple’s platform. Like TV and film content, the platform is rarely very important. It’s the content of the games that matters. I think most can recognize that even the iPod would have had limited success if Apple hadn’t already done the legwork of making the content readily available and developed that top-to-bottom.

    So label me skeptical….but wouldn’t be the first time someone said an Apple idea was not going to float and were proved way wrong. I do know that Steve Jobs doesn’t work for Apple these days though, so…..

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