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TV Personality Arrested in Bizarre Domestic Violence Incident

Aug 28, 2015  •  Post A Comment

An ugly incident of alleged domestic violence led to the arrest of a television personality. TMZ.com reports that Jill Connors, a recurring guest on the Bravo reality series “Married to Medicine,” was arrested following an incident Aug. 13 at the home of Connors and her husband, Dr. John Connors.

Jill Connors reportedly had multiple knife wounds when authorities responded to a 911 call placed by John Connors. According to John Connors’ account, Jill’s wounds were self-inflicted.

TMZ obtained the police report, which reportedly says the incident began when John confronted Jill about alleged text messages on her phone from another man.

“According to the police report obtained by TMZ, John said if she was cheating he’d take the kids,” TMZ reports. “John claims that set Jill off and she struck him in the face with a spoon and then started slugging him. He says she ripped his shirt off and scratched his chest. BTW, Jill is 5’2″ and 103 lbs.”

The report adds: “According to John, Jill then took a kitchen knife and started cutting herself in the arm and chest, screaming, ‘He’s cutting me!'”

When officers arrived, Jill reportedly said: “I hit him, I started it, I know.” TMZ adds that she claimed John knifed her, but the TMZ report adds: “her story was sketchy and cops didn’t believe her.”

TMZ notes that Jill Connors was arrested for alleged domestic violence and cruelty to children, because the kids reportedly watched the encounter. She has since filed for divorce, according to the report.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution notes that the couple, who live in Atlanta, apparently found the TV series added an element of stress to their marriage.

The AJC quotes Jill Connors saying earlier this summer: “It was hard on my relationship with my husband. We’ve been best friends and business partners for the last 15 years. We had our 13th anniversary in May. There have been some hard times because of the show, because it was something different in our lives.”

AJC adds: “She said her husband, a plastic surgeon, likes routine and found all the filming she was doing disruptive to their lives. She said he clearly did not like being on camera.”

They have three sons, ages 7, 9 and 11, AJC notes.

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  1. Good thing she is married to a Dr. so she could get immediate treatment for those wounds!

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