Amid Stephen Colbert-Jeb Bush ‘Confusion,’ CBS Announces ‘Late-Night’ Premiere Will Run Long

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As Stephen Colbert and first-night guest Jeb Bush trade barbs — and Amy Schumer dives into the fracas with a video of her own — the Sept. 8 premiere of CBS’s retooled “Late Show” has stirred up more than its share of buzz. Now CBS has announced that the show will run long, with the 11:35 p.m. broadcast to wind down at 12:44 a.m.

The scheduling move will push back the start time for “The Late Late Show with James Corden” that night.

Colbert and Bush have been going at it — apparently all in good fun — on social media, Time magazine notes. Bush sent around an email to his supporters offering them a chance to win a VIP ticket to the show’s taping in exchange for a $3 minimum donation.

The move prompted a response from Colbert. Time quotes Colbert saying: “I think the contest is a great idea. But here’s the thing: No one from Jeb’s campaign asked if this was okay with me to raise money off my first show. Where’s my cut of that sweet three bucks, Governor? Huh?”

Time adds: “So Colbert launched his own contest — ‘Jeb Bush on the Stephen Colbert Late Show Raffle!’: a minimum $3 donation to the Yellow Ribbon Fund gives you the chance to win two tickets to the first Late Show taping and Colbert asking Bush a ‘non-obscene question of your choice.’”

Bush then quipped in a Twitter video that he thought the host was Amy Schumer, and now that he realizes it’s Colbert, he’s lowering the entry fee for his contest to $1.

Next to get in on the act was Schumer, with a twitter video in which she spoke as Colbert and said, “I have been getting in touch with my feminine side lately.”

Click on the link above to Time to see the videos.

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  1. Colbert is having Jeb Bush on???? Why???? That is disgusting. Colbert is either right wing or just being a corporate lackey, but giving Bush publicity is an insult to most Americans, who did not want to relive the Bush presidency nightmares. We will never ever watch Colbert, who is showing horrible judgement and insensitivity by putting Bush on.

  2. Grow up! it is just a TV show. It isn’t like he is handing the primaries to Bush. Would you have complained as much if he had Hillary or Bernie on?

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