Did ‘America’s Got Talent’ Winner Steal Routines From Other Ventriloquists?

Sep 22, 2015  •  Post A Comment

“Did the British ventriloquist who won this year’s ‘America’s Got Talent’ play the judges — and America — for dummies? Two veteran ventriloquists are accusing Paul Zerdin, who won last week’s 2015 finale and a $1 million prize, of using routines remarkably similar to their own as he advanced through the show’s quarterfinals and semis en route to the big win.”

So writes David Robb at Deadline.com.

Robb adds, “Comics have been stealing each others’ material since the dawn of timing, but ventriloquism theft is, shall we say, more sotte voce.” Robb adds that the two ventriloquists who accuse Zerdin of stealing their material “say they’re not planning to sue” him.

To read more details about this story, including watching a video comparison of Zerdin’s work and those who accuse him of stealing their material, please click on the link to Robb’s Deadline story above.



  1. It’s called America’s Got Talent, not America’s Got Originality. I doubt either of these two whiners have half of Zerdin’s talent.

  2. This is two guys using the Trump method to get publicity. Make a lot of noise and be sure your name is spelled correctly.

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