Facebook Unleashes New Weapons — and an Important Ally — in Bid to Pull Ad Dollars From TV

Sep 28, 2015  •  Post A Comment

Facebook is upping the ante in its quest to usurp ad spending that currently goes to television. CNBC reports that the social media giant launched an arsenal of new ad deployment and measurement tools targeting TV-centric marketers and their preferred 30-second spots.

With one and a half billion monthly active users, the site has the scale to hold its ground against a television network, the report notes.

“The social network also announced a new stat; it now has 2.5 million active advertisers on the platform, 25 percent more than in February,” CNBC reports. “Now, Facebook plans to use the language and currency of TV to sell ads to them. The company is introducing a way for advertisers to use Target Rating Points — as in TV ratings — as the metric with which they plan, buy and measure the success of those ads.”

Facebook has also found a key ally in Nielsen, whose new Target Ad Ratings system provides a way to verify total ratings point delivery for Facebook and TV combined, the report notes.

“The social network is making a big point that its offer complements TV advertising,” CNBC reports. “A new stat from a Facebook-commissioned study conducted by Nielsen shows that combining TV and Facebook ads gives advertisers a 19 percent increase in targeted reach, compared to TV alone, expanding to 37 percent for Millennials.”

The report adds: “While Facebook emphasizes its complementary nature to TV, by improving its brand ads the social platform is increasingly becoming a legitimate alternative to TV.”


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