Former Child Actress Avoids Jail Time — But Loses Her Fight for the Sentence She Wanted

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An actress who was a TV star as a child and became an even bigger TV star decades later as cast member of the popular reality show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” will pay a penalty for her “drunken antics,” TMZ.com reports.

Kim Richards was sentenced Monday to three years’ probation and 30 days of community labor in connection with an incident in April at the Beverly Hills Hotel, the publication reports. Richards, who played Prudence Everett on “Nanny and the Professor” for two seasons as a young girl back in 1970-1971, was reportedly charged with trespassing, public intoxication, resisting an officer and battery on a police officer following the incident.

Richards was trying to get “easy community service,” TMZ notes, but lost that battle.

“Kim tried to convince the judge she couldn’t do strenuous work because of a foot injury, but the judge wasn’t buying it,” the story reports. “The judge also placed Kim on 3 years probation. She’s been ordered to stay 100 yards away from the Bev Hills Hotel.”

TMZ adds: “This is not office work. It involves real labor, like graffiti or garbage removal.”

Richards also was reportedly ordered to attend weekly Alcoholics Anonymous classes for a year.

Richards has already had another arrest since the Beverly Hills Hotel incident. According to media reports, she was arrested Aug. 2 for allegedly shoplifting in a Target store in the San Fernando Valley.

She is expected back in court next month in that case.

nanny and the professor-kim richardsKim Richards, lower left, in “Nanny and the Professor”

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