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In a Long, Three-Hour Debate Among the Leading 11 Republican Candidates, This Was the TV Moment That Will Be Remembered

Sep 16, 2015  •  Post A Comment

The moment belongs to Carly Fiorina, as she puts Donald Trump in his place:


  1. Nice line by Carly. And after all that mugging for the camera, the best Trump can come back with is “I think she’s a beautiful woman”?

    This guy is dominating the field? I think we need a new field.

  2. After last night it looks more like Carly could be the first woman president and not Hillary. It would be great to see them go head to head

  3. Every article you have had about the Republican candidates has been a negative article about Trump. I’m curious why you single him out? Is it just because he is ahead in the polls and you are trying to bring him down or do you just have a personal dislike for him. As you seem to be trying to help Hillary’s campaign, consider posting negative articles about some of the other Republican candidates too. Trump will probably self-destruct, so you need to start your negative campaign on some of the other Republican front runners.

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