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Millions of Fans of ‘Twin Peaks’ Knew Her as the Log Lady: Catherine Coulson Dies at 71

Sep 29, 2015  •  Post A Comment

“Catherine E. Coulson, actress and cult icon, died Monday morning of cancer at age 71,” reports Entertainment Weekly (EW).

Coulson was introduced to millions in the pilot of “Twin Peaks.” According to the Washington Post, here’s how she was introduced:

Agent Cooper: “Who’s the lady with the log?”

Sheriff Harry S. Truman: “We call her the Log Lady.”

Notes EW, “her ‘Twin Peaks’ story began in the ’70s, when she spent about four years working on David Lynch’s directorial debut ‘Eraserhead.’ Officially, Coulson is credited as the movie’s assistant director. She also worked as a waitress and donated her income to the movie’s perpetually vanishing budget. And she was married to ‘Eraserhead’ star Jack Nance. (The marriage ended in 1976, one year before the movie finally arrived.)

“Somewhere in the middle of ‘Eraserhead,’ Lynch produced ‘The Amputee,’ a short one-shot film about a woman with no legs writing a letter while a nurse cleans her stumps. The woman is Catherine E. Coulson; the nurse is David Lynch. Coulson caught Lynch’s eye, no question. At some point, he had a vision of her, holding a log.”

To read more about Coulson we urge you to click on the links, above, in this item, which will take you to the original stories in EW and the Washington Post.


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