Motion Picture Academy Loses Oscar Lawsuit

Sep 11, 2015  •  Post A Comment

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences came up short in a lawsuit against GoDaddy Inc., Reuters reports. The cybersquatting suit filed by the Academy “accused the Internet domain registrar of illegally profiting off its trademarks, including for the Oscar telecasts,” the story reports.

“In a 129-page decision on Thursday, U.S. District Judge Andre Birotte in Los Angeles said the Academy failed to show that GoDaddy acted in bad faith by letting customers purchase 293 domain names such as academyawards.net, oscarsredcarpet.com, billycrystal2012oscars.com and theoscargoestothehangover.com,” the report notes.

The suit was filed way back in 2010, and sought damages of more than $29 million. The Academy accused GoDaddy of letting its customers “park” pages on the Internet and collect ad revenues from those pages.

The judge indicated that GoDaddy “reasonably relied” on customers’ representations that their domains did not infringe trademarks, Reuters notes.

“He also said GoDaddy always, and sometimes within a matter of minutes, reassigned domains to advertising-free templates after trademark holders filed takedown requests,” the report adds.

A spokeswoman for AMPAS said the Academy would look at its options for appealing the decision.


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  1. Litigation like this is why the general public dislikes the non-creative part of the entertainment industry.

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