NBCUniversal Names New President of Affiliate Relations, Announces Other Moves

Sep 30, 2015  •  Post A Comment

NBCUniversal announced a number of executive moves today, including naming a new president of NBC Affiliate Relations.

The company promoted NBC veteran Jean Dietze to the position. “Dietze will continue to lead all aspects of NBC affiliate relations, including affiliation renewals and clearances,” the company said in its announcement. “She also will continue to serve as NBC’s chief liaison to the affiliate body. She will continue to report to Ted Harbert, Chairman NBC Broadcasting.”

The company also announced two promotions involving its Affiliate Relations team.

“Rhonda Brockmann has been promoted to Executive Vice President, Affiliate Relations Business and Legal Affairs, and Scot Chastain has been elevated to Executive Vice President, Affiliate Marketing and Development,” the company announced. “Brockmann continues to report to Dietze while Chastain continues to report to Harbert.”

Said Harbert: “Jean is a broadcasting treasure. She is loved by the Affiliates and everyone here at NBC, and I’m personally thrilled that she has agreed to extend her contract and remain chief steward of our vital network affiliate partnership. Alongside Jean, Rhonda and Scot have been dedicated champions of the network affiliate partnership, which has had an important, lasting impact on our company.”


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