Pandora to Mark Milestone by Turning Off the Ads

Sep 1, 2015  •  Post A Comment

The pioneering online music service Pandora is coming up on a big anniversary, and will celebrate with a gift to users: a day without ads. The celebration is set for Sept. 9, the streaming service’s 10th anniversary.

Pandora is billing the event as Listener Love Day. Pandora will be “all music, all day, ad-free” for 24 hours, from midnight to midnight (ET).

“Listener Love Day is a celebration of a decade of connecting music fans to the artists that matter to them,” said Tim Westergren, founder, Pandora. “This is a thank you to each and every listener who has tuned in to Pandora over the past 10 years.”

In its announcement, the company noted that it streams more music than any other service in the world.

“Almost 80 million listeners tune in each month, logging more than 74 billion listening hours, creating over 8 billion stations and sharing more than 55 billion thumbs over the last decade,” the release notes. “This has resulted in the ability to connect fans and artists at an unprecedented scale. With over 200,000 artists now playing to the largest audience in streaming music, listeners are discovering new music on a daily basis — exposing each artist to new fans every day.”

Added Westergren: “From the first song Pandora played in 2005 to the 50 billionth thumb we celebrated earlier this year, our mission has remained the same — to provide each of our listeners with the best music experience possible, whether an old favorite or introducing them to a new artist and style of music. Listener Love Day is a celebration of not only our listeners, but a day dedicated to great music.”


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  1. Love this promotion. It tells listeners “you don’t like ads, do you.” It tells advertisers “our listeners don’t want to hear or see your ads.” Charming. Just the image we want to project after spending all that money with these guys.

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