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Where Did All the Viewers Go? Premiere Week Stumbles Out of the Gate

Sep 23, 2015  •  Post A Comment

With the second night of the broadcast TV networks’ fall premiere week in the books, one report politely declares the early ratings results for the Big 4 nets “underwhelming.” Ad Age reports that the results have been especially troubling when it comes to younger viewers.

Tuesday’s combined Big 4 results in the key 18-49 demo were off 8% from year-ago figures, the report notes, while the two-day total is down 10%.

Furthermore, the report notes that for Monday and Tuesday the total viewers in the 18 to 24 demo is down 20% this season compared to the same two days last season.

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  1. This is a classic example of garbage in/garbage out. …Everyone including 18-24 year olds certainly knows how to turn on a remote and find the broadcast networks. The problem is, with very few exceptions, broadcast network prime time programming is pure garbage. Horrible horrible writing, comedies that are just not funny, too many cheap reality-type programs. ..the God awful broadcast network shows and lack of compelling content is what is driving viewers to other options. Hollywood needs to open up to outside talent, before it is too late.

    • “This is a classic example of garbage in/garbage out”

      Not really. GIGO has nothing to do with whether the artistic or other qualities of a show attract many viewers. GIGO refers to the fact that conclusions you draw can’t be any better than the quality of the input data. A stab at computing national ratings by means of what you overheard people discussing in a bar one night would qualify as garbage in/garbage out.

  2. This is total nonsense. TV I has always been and will always be the best way to reach viewers who buy products as a result! All this gloom and doom BS is stupid and makes no sense! Would you rather watch shows on a tiny screen or a big screen ? The ads on internet are never even looked at other they being an irritant.

  3. Most people under 30 have a PlayStation, Xbox or computer that hook up to their TV and allow them to watch whatever they want on a BIG screen. The little screen argument is at least 7 years old, as is the ingenuity on Network TV. Get with the times and start producing programs that people want to watch or quit whining about it. There are plenty of great shows not on Broadcast. Many consider this another golden age for drama. But why aren’t any of these shows on Broadcast?

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