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Whoa! Have You Seen the New Prius? The Redesign Was Unveiled Last Week, and It’s Now One Hot Looking Car. If You Haven’t Seen It, Check Out this Video

Sep 14, 2015  •  Post A Comment

“Toyota’s new 2016 Prius was revealed at a splashy event in Las Vegas” last week, writes the Motley Fool.

The story continues, “It’s expected to arrive at U.S. dealers early next year. But with gas prices in the U.S. stalled under $3 and buyers turning away from hybrids, how will it fare?

“Toyota is indisputably the world’s hybrid-car leader. It has sold about 8 million since the first Prius was launched in 1997….But lately, sales have been falling, and not by a little bit. U.S. sales of the Prius fell 11.5% in 2014, and they’re down another 17% this year through August.”

Here’s a video, posted by CNET News on YouTube, featuring the newly redesigned 2016 Prius:


  1. Does it still come with the pre-installed Coexist bumper sticker? Or the optional I Love My Library sticker? Not even an NPR decal?

  2. Apparently, a different definition of “hot looking” than I had previously been familiar with.

  3. How much was TV Week paid for this ad?

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