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‘Fox & Friends’ Goes After Actress Over Comments About Becoming an American — Here’s the Video

Sep 16, 2015  •  Post A Comment

A popular actress has become a target of a number of Fox News hosts over comments she made about recently becoming a U.S. citizen.

Emily Blunt said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that watching the GOP presidential debate caused her to have second thoughts about her citizenship. The British-born Blunt is known for roles in “The Devil Wears Prada,” “The Adjustment Bureau” and other feature films, and won a Golden Globe for the BBC series “Gideon’s Daughter.”

The hosts of “Fox & Friends” suggested that Blunt leave Hollywood, with one host saying Blunt “just Dixie Chicked herself — she has alienated half the country.”

Here’s the clip:


  1. You know, Fox News does know a little something about alienating half the country.

  2. I was born here, and after seeing how Presidential candidates like Trump cater to xenophobic and partisan fears…it makes me question my citizenship sometimes.

  3. Trump becomes President, Canada looks more and more appealing. There is no one on the GOP side that I would even consider voting for. If that is their best, they are in big trouble.

  4. Watching these guys reminds me of high school history, when we were studying the Brown Shirts in Germany in the late 1930s. The strategy is the same, the rhetoric is the same, and mostly, the targets are the same, only this time, instead of Jews, it’s immigrants.

  5. I am English, born to English parents. My mum married an American military man. I have lived on both sides of the world, England and America. I went to school in Britain and studied the Revolutionary war, and went to school in America and did the same. SO, I think I have can say I’m coming from a more equal balance than most people. I understand what she said, and I agree with it as well. America may be a place to come and make millions, if you are lucky, but, what America preaches, it doesn’t live up to. A country free to follow any religion? This is a joke, unless you are Christian. As for health care, that’s a joke too, good luck getting health care, even if it’s mandated, most companies and jobs won’t even offer health care, and then the health insurance is in charge of your health and care, not the doctors. The schooling system is abysmal, It’s never made sense to me why school funding isn’t tied to the student and NOT THE ZIP CODE!! Lousy schools would close if parents pulled their students out, better schools would get more funding. Violence, don’t even get me started…. The clowns running for President, gosh, where is a decent person who actually knows what they are talking about. America is all about being a celebrity and consumerism. It’s like being in high school all over again. Jocks, cheerleaders, rich kids, poor kids, and the one’s that don’t fit in. I thought that as adults WE GREW UP? Watching last nights Republican debate was excruciating. I’m afraid to watch the Democrat debate….. And FOX with Friends, what a bloody joke. It’s almost like reading the National Inquirer. And these so called reporter think they are an authority on life in the U.S. Of A???? You might as well be watching crap tv, TMZ, same thing. No one ever talks about anything REAL. REAL solutions, REAL answers, REAL issues. FOX with friends is offensive to anyone with a REAL brain, offensive to WOMEN, and offensive to anyone who doesn’t DRINK THEIR KOOLAID.

  6. Why don’t these people that talk about the US being such a horrible place return to the socialist countries they came from? Yes there are issues with the US, but I don’t see a lot of these people packing their bags and selling their homes to return to countries where they would never be able to own a house or start their own company or root for “real” football teams. There are plenty of people who would gladly take their place. I work with numerous immigrants who are happy to be here and would love to bring more of their relatives. Emily Blunt is a snob.

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