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Actress Sparks Outrage With Her Halloween Costume

Oct 7, 2015  •  Post A Comment

After posting a photo of herself in her proposed Halloween costume (see photo below), actress Ashley Benson got an earful from her fans. USA Today reports that Benson, one of the stars of the TV series “Pretty Little Liars,” asked her followers what they thought of her “Cecil the lion” costume and they let her know — with a number of them saying the choice was inappropriate.

Her original message with the photo said “What do you guys think of this Cecil the lion costume?” But after getting some blowback she quickly rewrote the caption, referring to the outfit as just “this lion costume.”

The reference to Cecil, a protected lion whose killing in Zimbabwe made headlines earlier this year, drew a number of angry responses, with some followers letting her know they were offended by the choice. Here’s a sample:

  • ”It’s a shame lions can’t wear dead ignorant humans as costumes. Totally unaware douche.”
  • “How dare you make fun of a lion who innocently died from a inhuman act!”
  • “you called it ‘Cecil the Lion!’ #clueless #smh #insensitive.”

Other commenters were far more supportive, with one follower writing: “I love that you chose to celebrate the life of the beautiful Cecil. For real people back off she’s not condoning animal cruelty.”

Here’s Benson’s Instagram photo:

ashley benson instagram-lion costume

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  1. I don’t care who you are I will never see a movie you are in anything else to do with you. You are spoiled little brat and a total douche bag!

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